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It can be challenging to learn to love yourself. Where do you start? And once you do, how do you know when you have reached your destination? There are several things you can do to try and learn to love yourself and grow your relationship with YOU. For many, it can be a long, arduous journey but one that’s incredibly rewarding…here are 15 ways to love yourself.

1. Be More Connected with Your Body

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It may feel silly at first but try playing music and dancing around the house. If you start cooking, take a moment to taste it or smell it. Pay attention to the appearance of your body, like looking at your freckles or wrinkles and appreciating their uniqueness.

2. Be Your Own Cheerleader

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Take time to think about all the accomplishments you’ve had. Whether something small from the day or a big goal you achieved last month – celebrate it! You deserve to feel proud of your achievements.

3. Stay Single if You Need to

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Stop using relationships as a form of validation. It’s important to recognize your worth at every stage of life without needing a relationship to feel whole.

4. Find a Hobby

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Start prioritizing things you love. Do you like music? Take a class or go to a concert. Love art? Visit an art gallery or take up a pottery class. If you’re not really sure what you’re passionate about, that’s okay, too. Take time to explore and figure out what you genuinely love to do.

5. Pamper Yourself

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Make time for self-care. Soaking in a warm bath, doing workouts you love, or even treating yourself to a trip to the spa, as your budget allows, are all great ways to pamper yourself. Putting effort into your health and well-being is a massive step to loving yourself.

6. Recharge Your Batteries

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We can see our phone’s battery life, and when it gets down below 10%, we usually plug it in to recharge it. So, why is it that we rarely give ourselves the same courtesy? When you’re feeling burnt our and run down, it’s crucial to stop, slow down, and restore your energy.

7. Set Healthy Boundaries

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If you have something in your life that you know isn’t good for you, then cut it out. Give yourself permission to set healthy boundaries and protect your peace.

8. Choose Therapy

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If there is something you’re struggling with in your life, therapy is a great option. Therapy is a tool that can guide your self-love and self-discovery journey. A professional therapist can ask the hard questions you may not be ready to ask yourself.

9. Write Out Your Thoughts

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Journaling can be a great way to learn more about yourself. The process of getting your thoughts down on paper can help you sort through difficult situations and allow you time to discover healthier solutions.

10. Forgiveness All-Around

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Not only is it essential to give forgiveness to others around us for our sanity, but it’s important to also forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made. No one is perfect – what’s important is that we acknowledge it and move forward in a positive manner.

11. Embrace Acceptance

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There will be things we can’t change, and such is life. The key is to accept what we can’t change and embrace it for what it is.

12. Consistency is Key

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Consistency is underrated and is the key to accomplishing any goal. If you falter, of course, it’s okay. Just remember to pick back up where you left off and keep going, the only true way to fail is to quit.

13. Life is a Journey

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Learning to love yourself isn’t something you stop doing one day because you reach the destination. You will need to continue to nurture it, just like any other relationship in life.

14. Don’t Worry About it

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It would help you to stop worrying about what others think about you. Doing so can easily uproot your mindset of being focused on you over to them. You are in it for you, not them, so who cares what they say?

15. Fill Your Cup First

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Always put yourself first. When your cup is empty, you have nothing left to give to others. Taking care of yourself first ensures you’ll be in a good position to help take care of those around you.

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