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Ever heard someone say something and think, “Do you really believe this?” Sometimes there are rules in place that are supposed to support and help you, but you can’t help thinking, “Is it really helping me?”

Someone asked in a popular online forum, “What lie do people need to stop believing?” Here are some of the top-voted answers.

1. Human Resources (HR) Will Protect You

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One user said, “HR exists to protect the company. Sometimes employees “win” or a decision is made in their favor but that’s solely because it would likely open the company up to a lawsuit or setting a precedent that could negatively impact the company. So at the end of the day, HR did what was best for the company in the long run.”

2. High Food Prices Are Because of Farmers

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One user said, ”Prices have gone up because food corporations want to keep their profit margin, even when it’s inflation.”

Another user said, ”Prices are up because companies are using inflation as a cover for price gouging. They are generating record-breaking profits.”

3. You’ll Get Rich by Working Hard

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“My uncle always goes on about how he’s a self-made millionaire, but…he’s not. His wife makes more money than he does, she got him his first real job that made him successful because her dad knew the CEO, and she manages all of their money. They also borrowed money from my grandmother to kick off their real estate investments and had years of free babysitting done by her as well. Like…no, dude…you’ve had so much help getting where you are.”

4. That Diamonds Have Any Actual Value

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Someone said, “They are a precious stone. They are also incredibly overpriced and exploit slave labor (the natural gems, not lab-made). Believe it or not, they can be both a precious stone and be overpriced to hell.”

5. The Food Pyramid

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“I think it’s important to understand the food groups, but I can’t believe I had to learn about macronutrients & micronutrients of my own accord in my 20s. That should be the real food pyramid”, someone said.

6. You Must Wait 30 Minutes After Eating To Swim

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Someone mentioned, “The real reason to wait is to keep the puke out the pool.”

Another user added, “Swimming after eating can actually give you cramps! I have cramps if I do exercise after eating. I think the reason for that (going off of memory, also not a doctor) is because when you eat, blood goes to your abdomen to help with digestion, but when you engage in physical activity such as running, that blood is needed back in your legs, so it leaves your abdomen, and your body has a more difficult time digesting that food, which causes the cramping I believe. You won’t die, but that pain in your side will throw a wrench in your plans.”

7. Things Get Easier as You Get Older

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“I have less energy to give a crap, and things have proven time and time again that they will work out eventually. Stable relationships, more resources…So it kinda seems like an easier going. But yeah, I still feel like me, as I did since day one. Same amount of worries and confusion/wonder. On top it’s a doubly weird feeling that I get now, that with every birthday, I’m more invisible and less and less relevant as a social/cultural force”, someone said.

8. The “American Dream” Isn’t Even Possible Anymore

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A user said, “It’s called the ‘American Dream’ and not the ‘American Reality’ for a reason.” 

“It’s possible. Immigrants do achieve it along with regular Americans. Just have to be in the right place.” Another user responded.

9. You Can Catch a Cold by Actually Being in the Cold

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Someone added, “Yes, it causes you to produce more mucus, so you are more susceptible to bacteria that can cling to said mucous and infect your body.”

Another user disagreed, “The cold doesn’t give you a cold, but it can inhibit your immune system.”

10. Having a College Degree Makes it Easy to Get a Job

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“I wish someone had told me this before I got my BA in anthropology. I spent a decade using BS explanations as to how it was relevant to anything.”

11. The Economy Must Grow

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“Exactly. GDP is not a good indicator of human health or happiness in a country as we run out of natural resources and jam everyone into towny homes they cannot afford while destroying the earth. There’s other indicators like HDI, GPI, etc, that we should pay more attention to than GDP.”

12. That Things Don’t Get Better

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Someone shares, “It got better for me. And I don’t think I’m alone. Is everything good? No, of course not, life always has its problems. But it’s better than it was. And if it could get better before, it can get better again. And maybe if I just keep going, one day it’ll really be good.”

13. That You Need a Degree To Work in the Trades

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One user shares, “Totally agree there. My husband has absolutely no education beyond high school and is very successful. I have a college degree, and other than helping him with his businesses, I don’t really work.”

14. That the Customer is Always Right

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“This is another one of those phrases that makes way more sense in context. Kinda like “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” It’s actually, “No one can pull themselves up by their bootstraps,” as it’s an impossible task. The one you mentioned is actually,” The customer is always right in matters of taste.” It’s meant to be more of a commentary on demand and how it might not always be obvious what they want or why, but if they want it, you should sell it to them.”

15. That Doctors Care About You

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Someone commented, “Maybe it sounds dumb, but in some cases and specific circumstances, I’m way smarter and more educated than my doctors. It’s sad but true. And yeah, not all doctors care about you.”

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