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When the younger generations hear stories from family, social media, and entertainment about all the fantastic things that have happened in the past, it is hard for them to understand how great it truly was. With the wild fashion, new forms of entertainment, and crazy bands, it makes them question if the 80s were truly all they’re cracked up to be. Recently internet users weighed in on this exact topic. Here’s what they had to say…

1. It Was a Wonderful Time

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“Loved the 80s. People that listened to the news all the time were sometimes still freaking out because the cold war was still happening. But it was a wonderful time to be a middle-high schooler,” someone shared.

2. Fashion Sense

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“Girls wore neon everything. Heavy metal fans wore their favorite bands on 3/4 sleeve black and white baseball shirts,” someone explained.

3. Last Decade of Freedom

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Somebody said, “It was the last decade of freedom in this country. We enjoyed it, but other people’s generations won’t miss what they never experienced, and it is impossible to explain the feeling of freedom,” someone expressed.

4. Filled With Parties

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“The Eighties were fun and filled with weekends and parties. There was a much better and open society in my area,” a person said.

5. Drove Everywhere

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“As a teen, the 80s were so fun. We didn’t have license restrictions, so my friend and I drove everywhere in her beat-up car, and we had the mall and the lake, and the river to go to. And the music was fun,” someone shared.

6. Dances All the Time

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Somebody explained, “We also had dances to go to all the time. Between work, school, and friends, I was never home and loved every minute.”

7. The Best of Times

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“I feel bad for young people and teens. There’s no way they can truly comprehend what they missed. It was the best of times. And I had a lot of traumas and a hard life during the 80s— but the culture, the music, movies, TV, etc., were still absolutely the best,” a person expressed.

8. Big Hair

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“I remember the 80s as being prosperous, then not, then again. The big hair? Oh no! One day I was out on a stormy, rainy day a gust of wind blew my hair up as ONE piece. It felt so weird having my hair glued together like that,” someone mentioned.

9. Lived Off of Interest Checks

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“Certificates of deposit, which have been in the low numbers lately, were 15% back then. People lived off their interest checks,” someone explained.

10. No Helicopter Parents

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“I was an 80s kid, and I loved it—no helicopter parents. When I got home from school, it was time to get out on our bikes and ride around, go fishing, and whatnot,” one person reminisced.

11. Things Were More Affordable

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“You could buy a reliable, 2-year-old low-end car back then for $1500. Tuition was $4 a credit hour; gas was $0.79 cents a gallon,” a user shared.

12. Malls Had Everything

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“Malls had everything! Anchor stores like Sears and JC Penney; bookstores like Waldenbooks, Crown Books, Kroch’s, and Brentano’s; novelty shops like Spencer’s, Brookstone, and Sharper Image; video arcades; food courts; movie theaters; computer game stores like Babbage’s,” someone stated.

13. No Social Media

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“In retrospect, the best part of the 1980s was that, in addition to all the positive and fun things already mentioned, there was no social media and no digital photography,” a person recalled.

14. Saturday Morning Cartoons

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A user said, “I mean, I was a kid, and I think they were the golden age of Saturday Morning Cartoons. For those of us kids that woke at 6 AM, They were a freaking event!”

15. Good and Bad

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“In what ways? The 80s were a decade like any other. Lots of good, lots of bad, and all of it affected by how things were going in our personal lives,” a person stated.

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