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Have you ever heard something through the grapevine that made you stop and ask, “Could this really be true?” Sometimes myths are told to keep you safe, sometimes they’re silly, and oftentimes they’re just downright stupid. A recent online poll asked users to share stupid myths that are still floating around. Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Messaging Facebook

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A user said, “Creating a Facebook status that says “I do not give Facebook permission to use my photos or likeness” or anything of that.”

2. Touching Baby Birds

Person holding a baby bird in their hand
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Someone said, “Touching a baby bird will make the parents abandon it. Birds don’t have a good sense of smell. It’s worse than ours. They also love their babies and wouldn’t care if it smells weird. Leave fledglings alone unless they’re in a dangerous situation, but if they are in a dangerous situation, get them out of it.”

3. Missing Ribs

Image of Marilyn Manson
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A user said, “Do the kids today even know about Marilyn Manson and his missing rib?”

Another user added, “It’s pretty impressive how far and wide that rumor spread, seeing as how it was pre-texting and vast internet usage.”

4. Seeing Red

Angry bull running in a pen
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“Bulls see much grayer colors and have much flatter vision (less 3D). The color red does not make them angry, but red translated to grayscale looks a lot like black and makes something more “visible” to them,” a person said.

5. 7 Years

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“It’ll take like seven years to digest gum if you swallow it. I don’t know where it even came from,” a user said.

6. Blue Blood

Person sitting in a chair donating blood
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“Oxygenated blood flowing through arteries is bright red; deoxygenated blood flowing through veins is dark red. Veins close to the surface look blue because of the way that the light scatters through your skin,” a user said.

7. Thicker Hair

Man shaving his face in a mirror
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Someone said, “That shaving your hair, in general, will make it thicker! It doesn’t. It’s a visual illusion (due to the hair not being tapered to a point anymore) and/or that you just forgot what it looked like before.”

8. 30 Was Old

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A user said, “That the age of 30 was considered to be “old” in the Middle Ages. Nope. The average age of death was dragged down by the infant mortality rate. If you survived past infancy, you could reasonably expect to live until your 60s or 70s. There are so many myths about the Middle Ages, in general.”

9. MSG

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Somebody said, “MSG is bad for you, most people believe it, and those people probably have it at least once a week without knowing. Much better for you than salt.”

10. Toxins

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A user said, “Your body retains “toxins” that need flushing out through yoga and strange drinks.”

Someone else agreed, “Yeah. If your body is retaining toxins, that means you have kidney or liver problems and need to go to the hospital, not do yoga.”

11. Car Lights

Person turning dome light on in a car
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A person said, “That’s not a myth so much as something parents have to tell their kids because they always turn that light on at night, and it turns the windshield into a mirror I now can’t see out of, which would lead to the whole family dying a horrible, gruesome death. But usually, it’s a kid, so you just say it’s illegal.”

12. Introverts Don’t Like People

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“That being an introvert means I don’t like people. Being an introvert means that I need to recharge my social batteries away from people (unlike extroverts who recharge their batteries while being with people),” a user said.

13. Being Cold Will Give You a Cold

woman laying in bed sick
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A user said, “That’s not how it works at all. There’s a slight decrease in your immune system that makes a marginal difference in your probability of catching a cold, but it’s next to nothing. The colder temperatures are correlated with more colds because this is when humans come indoors and congregate together, which is what spreads disease.”

14. Taste Buds

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Image Credit: Chonchanok Khaiowmongkol via Shutterstock.

“That different parts of your tongue are used to taste different flavors. Easily debunked by experiment with a pinch of sugar, yet people keep putting this in print for some reason,” someone said.

15. Working Hard

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“That if you work hard enough, you can be promoted. In reality, it is usually about who you know or whose butt you are willing to kiss. Not always 100% of the case, but 99% of the time, it certainly is,” someone said.

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