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There are some things that get so popular in society it feels as though everyone is partaking. And, of course, social media spreads awareness so quickly it can feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t like the newest craze, viral product, or TV show.

Someone asked women in a popular online forum, “What is popular that you refuse to get into?” These are the top-voted responses.

1. Hustle Culture

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“Hustle culture seems so exhausting. Maybe I have very low energy, but for me, just working, in general, is so tiring. I can’t imagine using most of my waking hours trying to sell something and making money.”

Another user added, “Yep. I already work a 9-5 to live. Outside of that is my personal time, not extra work time. Not every hobby needs to be monetized; it can take all the enjoyment out of it.”

2. Coffee

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Someone mentioned coffee, saying, “Coffee is gross, I get annoyed when people get shocked that I say that I hate coffee.”

Another user agreed, adding, “I can’t bear the smell of it. It absolutely repulses me.”

3. Overuse of Technical Terms Like “Gaslighting” and “Anxiety”

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“As someone who was severely abused for two years (physically & mentally), I find it concerning that people throw those words (and others) around so often. Especially “trauma.” There is actually a really good episode on a podcast where a psychologist is interviewed about the overuse of words like that.”

4. Lip Fillers

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“The day I found out they don’t actually “dissolve” they just…move around…I made a choice for myself. No fillers for me, lol.”

5. Hookup Culture

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“I support my friends and anyone else who does it, but I just can’t / won’t get into it. I know I’m not built for it.”

6. The Kardashians

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After The Kardashians were mentioned, someone replied, “Indeed! Never watched a single episode of whatever BS was happening in their lives! IMO they’re everything that’s wrong in our society.”

Another user added, “This here. I’ve told people that. The Kardashians are only making society even MORE dumb. And we are already really, really stupid.”

7. Anime

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“I agree; it makes me feel kinda judgy and close-minded sometimes. Like, how can I dislike an entire genre/style of tv when I like animation? But, 1. I just don’t find it visually appealing and find most of them unwatchable for that reason, and 2. I just can’t get over how often it’s used to sexualize children. So many “she looks 12, but she’s a 100-year-old witch, so it’s fine” plots. I’m not a prude, but 90% of the time, it’s just so completely and disgustingly created for men that I’m not willing to wade through it to find some that isn’t gross.”

8. Fake Nails

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“Amen! I love my short, short nails. I tried a couple of weeks ago to get fake ones cause I was back rn a bad week and was like, okay, self-care…jk. I chopped them down to my usual stubs less than a week later cause I couldn’t handle it. A total waste of money, but ya live ya learn!!!”

9. Dating Apps

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One user confessed, “As someone who found my current partner on dating apps, I fully agree with this. They’re terrible most of the time, and it’s difficult to get the full vibe of a person based off a photo and a couple of messages, and even when you do get the full vibe, it’s more likely an incompatible one than compatible.”

She continued, “Heck, the only reason I agreed to a date with my current partner is because I knew of him through mutual friends before seeing him on the app, found him attractive, and knew him to be a good person.”

10. Astrology

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One user said, “Astrology. Why would anyone believe that??”

Another added, “I basically lump horoscopes in the same category as fortune cookies. Like it’s fun to read, but it has absolutely no bearing in the real world.”

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