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When individuals are young, they typically receive education from various sources, including their parents, the community, and the school system. However, certain individuals, regardless of whether they had access to education or not, may exhibit behaviors that indicate they may have been poorly educated. Users recently shared in an online forum things people do that make it seem they were poorly educated. Here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Shades of Grey

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“The inability to understand nuance. Everything’s very simple and easy to understand, and they think you’re mental if you try to describe the shades of grey,” someone said.

2. Making People Feel Inferior

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“Treating people who speak with an accent like they are ignorant or inferior. These people are communicating with you in a second language to them,” a user said.

3. Too Many Buzz Words

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A person said, “Using buzz words without knowing what they mean. Especially when you ask them to clarify what they are talking about, they continue regurgitating the same buzzwords.”

4. Refusing To Admit

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“A refusal to admit that you’re wrong or don’t know something. An inability to objectively analyze something (an article, an opinion, etc.),” someone said.

5. Unwillingness To Learn

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A user said,” I have talked to neighbors and coworkers that I thought were backward and unintelligent and been very surprised by their willingness to explain their position and listen to mine and reconsider and learn and maybe even research a little,” someone said.

6. Knowing it All

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“Claiming you know all about something advanced that requires years of teaching and practice (law, medicine, science, engineering) all because you watched a few YouTube videos that only confirmed your bias,” someone said.

7. Can’t Take Criticism

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“Not being able to handle criticism. I had rigorous training during my theses, and the humility you gain from that is invaluable,” someone said.

8. Like and Share

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“Anyone who likes and shares those stupid ‘Like and Share if u agree’ posts on Facebook, usually about sensitive topics or untrue stories and scenarios. Usually done for malicious reasons,” a user said.

9. Failing To Understand

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A person said, “Failing to understand that others have the same feelings as you do or assume that you are going through a certain life event is unique, and no one else in the world could ever understand or empathize.”

10. Thinking it Ends

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“Thinking education ends with a plaque or a certificate. The thirst for knowledge should be unquenchable,” a user said.

11. Lacking Respect

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A person said, “People who party without caring for their neighbors’ sleep. and I mean constant partying well over 2 am.”

12. Seeking Alignment

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“Believing everything you read that aligns with your mindset is true, while anything you don’t like to hear must be false,” a person said.

13. Lack of Critical Thinking

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A user said, “Lack of critical thinking skills. Education doesn’t guarantee critical thinking, but a lack of critical thinking almost always guarantees the person is poorly educated.”

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