Woman making a face and gesture as if she's grossed out about something

We all have things that can give us the “ick” or make us feel gross if we hear, see, feel, or taste it. Some of these things we can all 100% agree are disgusting, while others may be debatable. Here are 13 completely normal things that many people find disgusting.

1. Other Peoples’ Breath

Young girl holding her nose and turning her face away from a man breathing
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Some people can’t stand to be in the vicinity of someone else’s breath, regardless if it’s stinky or fresh. The idea of just being so close to someone that they can feel their breath simply grosses them out.

2. Chalk on a Chalkboard

Young woman writing on a chalkboard
Image Credit: Stockfour via Shutterstock.

While it’s not exactly ‘nails on a chalkboard,’ even the mere sound of the chalk writing on a chalkboard and the texture of the chalk as they’re holding it can just gives them the shivers.

3. Bags of Dog Poop

Biodegradeable dog poop bags
Image Credit: Jakov Simovic via Shutterstock.

When dog owners clean up after their dogs, they pick it up using a plastic bag. And while it’s important to clean up your dog’s mess, many people then take the bag of dog poop and toss it into people’s gardens or on hiking trails. Put them where they belong, in the garbage.

4. Dirty Rings

Woman showing another woman her engagement ring
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Some people are turned off when they see someone with a beautiful ring who doesn’t take the time to clean it properly. Your gorgeous engagement ring needs to be cleaned to remove caked-on germs, grease, and dead skin caught in the ring’s gaps.

5. Cleaning With a Dirty Sponge

Person cleaning a dish with a dirty sponge
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Nothing grosses people out more than drinking from a “clean” cup and smelling rotting food inside. Dirty sponges don’t clean properly and can leave behind particles of old food, bacteria, and foul smells.

6. Hearing Someone Chew

Couple sitting in move theater eating popcorn and chewing loudly
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The sound of someone chewing is a huge pet peeve for many. The mushing together of the food and the smacking of the lips drives them insane. It’s even worse if they do it with open mouths, and you can see what they eat.

7. Dirty Faces

Small toddler boy smiling with chocolate ice cream all over his face
Image Credit: Andrii Spy_k via Shutterstock.

Seeing a kid with a dirty face can disgust some people. They don’t like seeing mushed-up food all over a child’s face or, even worse, snot dried all over their nose.

8. Monetizing Your Child

Woman and young girl filming a video on a smartphone
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It may be a different type of “gross,” but many are disgusted when they see a parent using their child as an opportunity to make money – especially if the child is not interested in doing what the parent wants.

9. Hocking a Loogie

Man spitting water out of his mouth
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To some people, the sound of someone hocking up a loogie can trigger their gag reflexes faster than anything else. And actually watching them do it just sends them off the edge.

10. No Hand Washing

Man eating a sandwich with dirty fingers
Image Credit: DreamBig via Shutterstock.

Seeing someone sit down and start eating without washing their hands is disgusting. They are ingesting all the germs, dirt, and who knows what else. It’s even worse if they’re also preparing food for others.

11. Shoes Without Socks

Man bending down and tying his shoelaces without wearing socks
Image Credit: DW art via Shutterstock.

Can you imagine the sweat and the stink inside the shoes of someone who isn’t wearing socks? Their feet will stink, and if they take those shoes off and walk through someone’s house, they are just spreading their stink across the floor.

12. Kissing a Pet’s Mouth

Woman getting dog and cat kisses
Image Credit: Gladskikh Tatiana via Shutterstock.

It’s all good to love your pet, but kissing a pet on the mouth is gross to most people. Pets clean themselves with their mouths, and they are filled with germs. Then, they’re passing those germs right onto your mouth or face.

13. Posting Videos of Others

Group of adult friends laughing at something on a cell phone
Image Credit: Jack Frog via Shutterstock.

It’s disgusting behavior to post a video of another person online without their knowledge. Doing this with the intention of making fun of them all in the name of clicks, likes, and saves. It is bullying and not nice.

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