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As we mature and grow older, we can’t help but notice life changes. Sometimes things don’t go as planned or seem to get worse, but sometimes certain things in life get better. They age like fine wine and have improved over the years. We found 15 topics that people think improve with age.

1. Opinions

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“I remind myself that other people’s opinion of me is none of my business. It took a few years for it to sink in, but for the most part, unless it’s someone important in my life, I just don’t have the bandwidth to care. It’s so much energy, especially with strangers,” someone said.

2. Life

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A person said, “Life! I have more money, confidence, and happiness than I have had at any point in my life. It just gets better and better every year!”

3. Self-Worth

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“At 44, I just can’t be bothered to care anymore about other people’s opinions on what I look like or how I dress. I love who I am, and am proud of my accomplishments and the circumstances I have overcome thus far,” a user said.

4. Love

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“The love for yourself, your family and friends. Deep gratitude and appreciation for the people and things that make you feel seen. I feel like I spent a lot of my adult life searching for it, and now it’s something I simply enjoy,” a person said.

5. Priorities

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“I think my priorities. I’ve relaxed so much, and that’s given me the time to ENJOY things, find contentment, and experience gratitude,” someone shared.

6. Men

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“A 35-year-old man is hotter than a 25-year-old…but a 45-year-old man?! And have you seen a man in his 50s that takes care of himself? These men sometimes age like fine wine. I’m telling ya,” a person said.

7. Being Alone

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“I always had to have someone around, but I love being alone and learning more and more about myself. I have never been more excited for the future. I’m working on loving myself, and I have to say it’s the best,” someone said.

8. Perspective

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A user said, “The guys who make you feel bad about yourself in your school years are scared little children, and they never quite grow up right. They always end up with some type of drama in their lives or a bad reputation.”

9. Handling Situations

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“Your ability to make decisions and take risks. Your confidence in yourself. All of these, for me, are much better in my 30s than I had in my 20s. I consider my 30s the best years of my life so far, and people have told me the same for the last two years. I have just changed into a person I never was before,” a person said.

10. Me

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“Every year, I get more experienced. I have lived more. And have added more to my list of things that I refuse to put up with. It also seems I get more outspoken as time goes by,” someone said.

11. Communication

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“Improving from passive-aggressive behavior to being able to say what is bothering me and weeding out toxic people. Detecting bullsh*t and thinking critically and in a nuanced way,” someone said.

12. Learning

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“For me, I’d say learning. I hated physics, trigonometry, and geometry or MATH before, I wouldn’t say I’m good at it right now, but my gosh, I have a better understanding of the formulas and solutions right now,” someone said.

13. Criticism

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A person said, “The ability to not take criticism from people you would never ask advice from!”

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