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Times have changed a lot in the last few years. The 90s feel as if it was a different lifetime. Recently someone asked users in a popular online forum, “What was bad about the 90s?” Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Dangerous Cities

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A user said, “Yeah, a lot of cities that are generally pretty safe now were still pretty dangerous in the 90s. For example, DC was known as the murder capital of the U.S. through the 90s but was a very safe city during the 2000s and 2010s.”

2. Acid Rain

Dirt eroded by acid rain
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A user said, “I remember hearing all about acid rain, and there were tons of PSAs around it – it was a HUGE issue. It has gotten way better since then, so I guess the PSAs worked. ”

3. Slow Internet

Man frustrated with slow internet
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“The kids will never know the agony of downloading a song and having your internet connection cut out an hour into the 2-3 hour process. It was a good while before software made it possible to not lose that progress,” someone said.


Hand holding a red AIDS ribbon
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“People who were sick from AIDS in the 80s began dying by the score in the 90s. Until effective treatments became available around 1996, contracting HIV was still essentially a death sentence,” a person said.

5. Atlas

Older couple looking through an atlas
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Someone said, “I had to keep a book of maps in my car in case I got lost or maybe print out a bunch of pages from Mapquest.”

6. Geeks Weren’t Cool

Geek with glasses and math on a blackboard
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“You know how we happily embrace the term geeky now? It was NOT perceived as good to be geeky about something,” one user said.

7. Research

Wall of research books
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Someone said, “In the early ‘90s, if you didn’t know anything and didn’t have an encyclopedia or couldn’t do the research at a local library, you simply just didn’t know it.”

8. Diet Culture

Woman reading a diet book and getting ready to workout
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“Diet culture/the obsession with being rail thin was not good and left permanent marks on many women I know,” someone said.

9. Casualties

Group of feminist women with their hands up in an X
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Somebody said, “Casual homophobia. Casual racism. Casual sexism. But hey, all three are making big comebacks. Yay, nostalgia!”

10. Hard Drugs

Person doing drugs
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A user said, “I was in grad school in the 90s. I knew quite a few people in the local music scene that got hooked on heroin.”

11. The Comfort

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One user answered, “The main thing I remember from the 90s is how comfortable we were with two middle-class incomes and how the recession stripped so much away that never returned.”

12. Blissfulness

Group of kids riding bikes
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A person said, “I was a young teenager; we didn’t get the newspaper or cable; all we got was local stations. So most of the national bullsh*t that happened, I was blissfully unaware of. Spent most of my time outside, doing yard work, fishing, bike riding, swimming, and minding my own business.”

13. Tattoos

Someone giving someone a tattoo
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Someone said, “Most will think of this as a positive, but not me. It was the start of the tattoo craze that never ended.”

14. No Cellphones

Old school pay phone on paneled wall
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“Only business people had cell phones, you had to carry change in case you needed to make a call, and pretty much every public place had a phone booth. If there was an emergency and needed to dial 911, you had to go to a stranger’s house,” someone said.

15. Thin Was In

Thin person holding pants out to show how big they are
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Someone mentioned, “Thin was glamorized and seen everywhere in magazines making girls feel bad about themselves, and it led to eating disorders because they didn’t have a perfect body. Even models had eating disorders.”

16. Bullying

Little kids bullying another little boy
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Someone said, “Bullying wasn’t taken seriously back then, and it was “just ignore them, and they will stop” and it was seen as normal kid behavior and as part of teasing.”

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