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It’s a jungle out there in the dating world. And while it’s always important to be careful about who you get involved with, online dating takes things to another level. In a popular online forum, women answer the question, “What is the most shocking thing you ever found about someone on a 1st date?”

Here are some of the top red flags women have encountered on a first date.

1. A Strange Connection

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“That his best friend is the person who is in jail for [purposely] hitting my best friend with a car. Yes, he knew before the date and didn’t think it was necessary to tell me beforehand. He was offended when I left the restaurant.”

2. Lack of Empathy

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“That he didn’t want to be empathetic when telling his patients they have cancer, he just wanted to blurt it out. He thought this was hilarious. He was in Yale med school to become an oncologist and was complaining about bedside manners courses.”

3. Shouts at Strangers 

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“I once went on a date with a guy who seemed really nice, but as the night went on, he started getting really aggressive and confrontational with strangers we encountered. He would shout at people who bumped into him, and even started a fight with a stranger.”

4. Sugar Momma

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“It was shocking to me as an 18-year-old sheltered teenager that a guy I went on a date with from work told me he had a sugar momma – he was her pool boy, I guess, and she took him on all sorts of trips.”

5. A Total Catfish

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“That they looked nothing like the pictures on their profile. I’m talking 50lbs heavier, much older, could barely walk, and disheveled long grey hair. He presented a much younger version of himself.”

When someone asked her why she showed up on the date, she responded, “I met him there. I turned around and walked out when he introduced himself.”

6. An Unexpected Surprise

Group of men doing war reenactments
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Another woman shares, “I met this cop on Bumble. Tall, dark, handsome, and kind of mysterious. We chatted for days and video-messaged multiple times before going out. We really hit it off; he seemed so normal and cool. Our first date, he tells me that he’s a Revolutionary War reenactor and often wears a kilt on and off the battlefield. Ok, ok, not as shocking as the other posts. But still surprised me and makes me laugh to this day.”

One user asked, “Am I completely flubbing my history? Who on earth was involved in the Revolutionary War wearing kilts? I very sincerely thought that was a very pants-only kind of war!”

7. Keeping it in the Family

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This user says, “They randomly brought up that they dated their cousin for years; it was super awkward.

This user had a similar experience, as she mentioned, “Their cousin was a backup if they didn’t find a wife. Even if you accept cousins marrying cousins (which I don’t), there were so many levels of wrong with him saying that.”

8. A Flat Earther

Man with big beard and strange goggles
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A user was turned off by her date’s perspective, sharing, “The worst was a first date that revealed he was a flat earther. I excused myself and left.”

One woman added, “I’m sure he was despondent when you went over the horizon, what with you having clearly fallen off the earth to your death!”

9. Lies About His Age

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“He said on his profile that he was 28. He was FORTY-ONE and told me this while laughing because “younger girls won’t go out with me if I put my real age.”

When another user replied, “Yuck,” she wrote back saying, “Yeah, I freaked out when he said that.”

10. Likes To Pose

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This woman took action after her bad date, saying, “I also went on a date with a morgue technician, and he showed me a load of pictures of him posing with the bodies. I reported him, and he got fired and blamed me. He followed me around for a while, and I did get quite scared but thankfully stopped when I spoke to the police. So far, he hasn’t become the next Dahmer. I haven’t seen his name in any papers anyway!”

11. Conspiracy Theorist

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“He was a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Apparently, you can fold a dollar bill in such a way as to prove the U.S. was behind this. He was an international diplomat. Shoutout to all the countries sending their best and brightest!”

A woman replied, “Oooh, I love the sarcasm!”

12. A Married Man

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When one woman replied, “That he’s married. With twin babies. Found out from his wife, who showed up!”

Another showed support by adding, “This is soap opera levels of f**ked up.”

13. Father-of-the-Year

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“He first told me he had a 13-year-old son. After several drinks, it came out he had ten kids aged 13, and under, all of whom lived in another state except the 13-year-old, so he had basically abandoned nine kids (but said the 13-year-old was going through a rough time, so he needed to be with him). That was a nope from me. (He admitted he didn’t say anything because he knew it was a deal breaker for most women).

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