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It’s not possible to have too much awesome in your life. Sometimes the negativity gets overwhelming, and you need to turn off the news and consume some ‘feel good’ content instead.

Recently, a Reddit user must’ve been feeling the same way when they asked, “What is awesome, has always been awesome, and will forever be awesome?” And here are the top-voted responses.

1. Night Sky Full of Stars

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Someone volunteered, “The night sky filled with stars.” “Yep, that’s one of the better points of working nights in a small rural town. At the end of my shift, I can look up and see a night sky full of stars—also, the moon,” another shared. Finally, a third expressed, “Northern lights are a plus!”

2. Clean Drinking Water

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“Clean drinking water,” one confessed. “I come from Canada and am spoiled with clean and fresh drinking water. I work with a lot of internationals, and they tell me stories. Dang. I take water for granted.” Another added, “clean bathing water too. ”

3. Meetings Getting Canceled

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“Meetings getting canceled. Seriously, it’s the best feeling,” shared one. Another added, “During the pandemic, a canceled Zoom meeting was the equivalent of a snow day when we were kids.”

4. Realizing You Still Have Time

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“Realizing you still have time! There are many applications of this, but my favorite is when I spontaneously wake up and check my clock only to realize I have two more hours to sleep,” someone admitted.

5. Good Health

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Someone commented, “The healthy man wants a thousand things. The sick man, only one.” Another added, “It’s got to be the most under-appreciated thing in the world, and people don’t know how lucky they are till it’s too late.” Others expressed, “Cries in chronic illness.”

6. Mutual Love

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“Having a relationship where both partners love and care about each other,” one said. “My husband and I are best friends. You hear about these relationships less often because it’s less interesting than all the drama posts about imploded relationships. We don’t need to ask for advice either, and if we did, we’d go to a counselor and not Reddit.”

7. Last Day Before Vacation Walking Out of Work

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“Walking out of work that last day before your vacation begins,” one shared. “That feeling of looking forward to something fun for a week or two if it’s on the agenda.” However, Europeans clarified they get four weeks, and Americans only get two. Ha, not all of us. Some of us have never had a paid vacation. 

8. Having a Loved One Tell You They Are Proud of You

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“Having someone you love tell you they’re proud of you. I was flying to Jamaica to marry my now wife on my birthday, and my father took me aside and said for the first time that he was proud of me. As a former alcoholic, that meant all the world to me. I chase that high every day and strive to be that man always,” one user confessed.

9. When Something Clicks

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“That feeling when something you’ve been struggling to understand ticks over in your brain. The sudden, incredible rush when the world becomes just a little bit bigger,” someone stated. Another admitted, “Sometimes I swear I can feel my brain light up when I know I’m finally on the right track with figuring something out. You’re right. It feels incredible!”

10. Clean Sheets

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Clean sheets,” one replied. Another painted a picture, “YES! Clean sheets, shaved legs, and rubbing them together like a cicada.” A third asked, “Why isn’t this one higher? Euphoria.”

11. Music

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“Music. But not someone else’s music. Headphones are mandatory,” one clarified. A second said, “I second this. Nothing gets me in a better mood than some good tunes.” “Also, learning to play music well enough to make decent music yourself. It takes so long and hard, but you stick with it, and eventually, you can do it. The accomplishment is incredible, AND you’ve got music as a reward.”

12. Finishing a Good Book

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“When you finish reading a fantastic book, and as you close the cover, you get that feeling of immense satisfaction tinged with a tiny bit of sadness that it ended,” someone shared. “Love and hate it at the same time. Also, wishing I could not remember reading it so I can reread it,” another admitted.

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