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When we are young, often all we are focused on is how things will be when we are older, on the freedom and coolness of being an adult. But as adults, we can look back on the years of our childhood with a better appreciation for how much fun kids have.

One person asked others on a popular online forum to share the things that are considered to be “for kids” that they still enjoy as adults. Here are some of the best answers.

1. Playing on the Playground

Man playing on a playground
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One person says, “Playing on swing sets! It makes me feel five years old again!”

A second user adds, “Playgrounds in general. Since becoming a dad, I can bring my kids to the playground and have fun with them on the slides, swings, monkey bars, and most things.”

2. Arcades

Young man and woman playing video games in an arcade
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One comment reads, “Arcades! My husband and I go to the mall to play in the massive arcade with reckless abandon every few weekends.”

3. Taking a Nap

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One person states, “Naps. The older we get, the better they are!”

“Yes! I’m making up for all the naps I didn’t take as a kid,” agrees another.

4. Animated Movies

Man sitting on the couch watching cartoons
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“Animated movies in general, and I can still enjoy them. When I’ve had a rough day or if I’m just feeling down, I can put on something wholesome, funny, or nostalgic, and it makes me feel better,” says one person.

Another person adds, “I just never understood why growing up, you were told to be childish if you still liked animated stuff as an adult. It’s like, dude, some of those stories are better than other non-animated stuff.”

5. Using Decorative Stickers

Woman using a laptop with stickers all over it
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One commenter exclaims, “STICKERS! Never enough stickers. I had a sh***y childhood (like most of us), but stickers always made me happy, especially the fuzzy ones.”

6. Coloring Books

Woman sitting at a desk coloring with colored pencils
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“Coloring. There’s just something very soothing about coloring,” one person states.

A second person says, “Not the adult coloring books, though. The kids’ ones.”

7. Pokémon Video Games

Adult woman playing Pokemon on a tablet
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One commenter shares, “Pokémon! I started with Red when I was five and haven’t stopped since. I doubt I ever will. If anything, my enjoyment of Pokemon is becoming more childlike.”

8. Playing With Legos

Man sitting on the floor building legos
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“Legos. Every once in a while, my mom brings out my old Legos for her grandkids to play with, and I’ll go sit with them, and we make boats and dinosaurs together,” says one person.

9. Skipping

Young woman skipping across the street carrying an umbrella
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One user says, “Skipping is always fun. If you haven’t tried skipping in a while, do it. You’ll realize how much faster it is than walking and how much more ground you cover.”

10. Sugary Cereal

Senior man eating a bowl of children's sugary cereal
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“Kids cereal. I love Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch. I don’t eat them every day, and not for breakfast but as a snack,” states one person.

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