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How often do you see a young person do something and wonder, “What the heck are they doing?” or “I just don’t understand young people.” You have the instant realization that you’ve entered a stage of life where you no longer understand any of the current trends. Here are a few Gen Z trends Boomers admit they find to be kind of sad.

1. Prank Videos

Couple filming a prank video with a ring light
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A person said, “The main reason I don’t like prank videos is that consent is removed from the person getting pranked, especially when the prank is harmful or mean to the victim.”

2. Oversharing

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Someone said, “The unending need to share everything on social media, including their meals, children, partners, everything.”

3. Creating Content

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“The amount of online content so many people create. How do they have time for this?” a user said.

4. The Robot Voice

Person holding a phone with TikTok on the screen
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One user said, “Yeah, these TikToks with AI voice reading out what it says on screen or instead of the author’s voice.”

5. Talking Loudly on the Phone

Man speaking into a speaker phone on a bus
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A user said, “Talking loudly with your phone on speaker while in public. Older people do it, too. What is that all about?”

6. Over Using Terms

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Someone mentioned, “They also refer to anybody they don’t like as narcissistic. And every form of lying or even just disagreement is gaslighting.”

7. Filming Yourself Crying

Vloggers filming themselves crying
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What makes this so much more pathetic is the person had to set their phone up, put it down in the ideal position, then get into whatever posture makes them look suitably devastated. Such a shameless bid for attention. And you just know some of them took multiple takes if they didn’t like the first one.

8. FaceTiming

People facetiming someone on a tablet
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Someone replied, “Facetiming people instead of calling them. Unless you have to show me something, I prefer not to show my face on screen.”

9. Celebrity Worship

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“Celebrity worship is one of the dumbest things in society. It’s baffling how anyone thinks being popular or having some sort of talent makes you an infallible God to worship. Most of them are just as flawed and stupid as the rest of society. They just happen to be famous.” a user shared.

10. Prime

Person holding bottles of Prime hydration drinks
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Someone said, “The drink Prime. I think it’s disgusting; I’ll take a Gatorade over any flavor of that stuff. My son and his friends love it, though.”

11. Searching for Validation Online

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Another person commented, “I don’t understand the search for friendships, validation, and approval via sharing themselves online. There’s something so paper thin about it.”

12. Life Hack Videos

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Someone said, “The videos where they say it’s a “life hack” when it’s just common sense. AKA “try out this crazy life hack for perfectly cut bagels, every time!” Proceeds to use a bagel cutter. Like, seriously??? You need someone to tell you that?”

13. Music in Public Spaces

Guy listening to music and holding a skateboard
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A user shared, “Listening to the music on a mobile speaker while walking around the street or traveling via public transportation.”

14. Squishmallows

Boxes of Squishmallow pillows in a Costco store
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“I thought they at least did something. They’re like $25 a piece! IT’S JUST A PILLOW. That being said, I was a product of the beanie baby generation, so what do I know,” someone shared.

15. Mukbang

Woman filming herself eating lots of food
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“I’m still young, but Mukbang videos. I like cooking shows, but watching someone pig out on camera is just gross,” a person shared.

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