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As you age, things start to become annoying. Is there anything that you used to enjoy but the older you get you notice yourself liking it less and less? You’re not alone. Someone recently asked, “What are you starting to like LESS the older you get?” And here are the top-voted answers.

1. Driving

Someone suggested, “Driving. I used to drive to do fun stuff like pick up my friends, go places I wanted to be, or just cruise during the night and enjoy the air. Now I drive to work. Even though my car is a million times more fun to drive, I’m perpetually annoyed.”

2. Leaving the House

Honestly, leaving the house, I used to be a social butterfly, and now I have to convince myself to get necessities and go to work,” someone expressed—”Same. I used always to be out and about. Now I stay home as much as possible. And hang out with the same three people.”

3. Shopping

“Shopping for anything…including groceries. Shopping used to be fun. Now it is a chore,” replied one. Another agreed, “I feel this way too. All I want to do is get what I need and get out. I hate the interaction.” “The 24-hour shops near me went to short hours during COVID and never returned. I miss my quiet midnight runs,” a third confessed.

4. Drinking Alcohol

“Alcohol. It’s getting harder for me to bounce back on Sunday Fundays. So much so that I moved them to Saturday,” one stated. “The fact that two beers doesn’t get me drunk, but does get me a hangover, makes the whole thing feel very not worth it,” another admitted. “Yeah- exactly. God forbid I get drunk now. I’ll pay for it for three days,” a third confessed. 

5. Doing All The Right Things With a Moving Goalpost

One shared, “Feeling like I’ve done all the right things, yet the goalpost keeps moving farther out.” “This! I keep getting higher-paying jobs, yet the ridiculous cost of living negates my pay rates,” another said. Others insisted, “The housing market, buying used cars, and the inflation make it impossible.

6. Losing Interest in Things You Love

“I hate losing interest in things I used to love,” one confessed. “I feel this, I used to love video games, but now I can’t stand more than thirty minutes of my favorite ones before getting bored. I don’t know if it’s a mental thing or if I’m losing it, but it’s wild that it happened so fast,” another admitted.

7. How Fast Time Passes

Someone confessed, “How fast time is slipping away from me rather than how slow it used to be as a kid.” “This is the correct answer. I am 53. I still remember how a day seemed like a week in my teens. It’s because you are experiencing life anew when you are younger. Every experience is a new pathway in your brain. Each one is important because it’s building experience.”

“As you get older, those experiences become commonplace. Less impactful. Less memorable. The only way to combat it is to continue having new experiences and not let your life become stagnant or become a part of ‘The System’ that every other person is caught in, where life is nothing but routine.”

8. Loud Environments

One shared, “Loud places. Like bars and parties and stuff like that.” “I don’t understand pubs that can’t decide if they want to be a club or a pub,” another expressed. “People come to have a burger, a beer, and a conversation, and the place has speakers blasting music no one is listening to, and you can only talk to the person just next to me. It ruins the experience.”

9. Hype With Long Lines

“Anything with a lot of hype that requires me to stand in a long line,” someone volunteered. Another shared, “Oh man, the lines I see at Chick-Fil-A? I don’t care how good that chicken is. I’m not waiting for that.” A third said, “There is nothing I want to see, nor no food I want to eat, enough that it justifies my standing in line for an hour – nothing.”

10. Loud Noises

“Loud noises, in general,” one user expressed. Another added, “Came here to say this and found that loud noises have the most upvotes. It’s a relief to know I’m in good company. Can we finally do away with fireworks? Then leaf blowers?” A third said, “YES! Especially those cars that make themselves loud intentionally.”

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