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Things feel really weird right now.  No one really knows what’s going on or what we can expect in the near future.  These are unprecedented times and we are all just trying to do the best we can while protecting ourselves and the people we love. 

What we do know is that are all going to lose our ever-loving minds if we have to sit in our homes and stare at the walls for weeks on end so I put together this mega-list of 59 cheap or free things to do when you’re bored at home while practicing social distancing.

Boredom is simply the absence of an interesting perspective.


What is Social Distancing?

Just in case you don’t watch TV, use the internet, leave your home or speak to other humans let me bring you up to speed real quick…Social distancing is the term being used to encourage people to minimize close human contact (with people other than their families).  In short, stay home and avoid people as much as possible.

While this may sound like a dream to introverts everywhere 🙋🏼‍♀️you’ll quickly find that it’s different when you stay home because you want to instead of staying home because you have to.  I think most of us fantasize about being able to stay home all day and being able to complete alllll of the tasks we’ve been putting off for years.  Unfortunately, reality rarely matches our fantasies!

What to do when you’re bored in quarantine will obviously differ from what to do when you’re bored with a friend but you’ll find lots of ideas in this list of what to do when you’re bored at home alone and when you’re able to spend more time with friends.

How Will This Affect Your Budget?

One of my main concerns is that when people are cooped up inside for too long and boredom kicks in you can easily find yourself aimlessly scrolling Amazon ordering all. the. things.

Before you know it your house is overflowing with a surplus of slime-making ingredients, clothing you’ll never really wear, and even that designer bag you’ve been eyeing and finally decided “you deserved it”.

Add to that possible loss of employment or wages and possible mounting medical bills and you have yourself a recipe for financial disaster.  In this day and age, it feels as though our entire lives revolve around electronics. 

Trust me, I’m addicted to my iPhone as much as anyone else but even I don’t want to be scrolling through Instagram 24/7/who-knows-how-long.

I don’t want to see you suffering from some crazy buyer’s remorse when all is said and done so I’ve put together this huge list of 59 things to do when you’re bored at home – whatever the reason!


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What Do You Do When You Are Bored at Home?

Do you use your time to accomplish tasks that have been lingering on your to-list for too long or do you find yourself just laying around all day complaining about how bored you are?!

We’ve all heard the phrases “bored to death”, “bored to tears”, etc. but before you go searching for things to entertain yourself, take a few minutes to really understand why you’re bored – and more importantly – what type of boredom you’re experiencing.

Yes, you read that correctly, there are actually different types of boredom and they can mean different things #mindblown.

Yeah, I had no clue either.

But, understanding the root cause of your boredom may be the difference between finding healthy ways to combat your boredom or unhealthy ways, which could obviously lead to more destructive behaviors.

Things to Do When You’re Bored at Home

Here’s the thing…it’s going to get old.  Maybe it already has 🤷‍♀️Sometimes it feels easier to occupy the little kids than the bigger kids and the adults!  I’ve been furiously scribbling down ideas of things to do the past two days and decided it was a tad selfish to keep them all to myself when you, too, are likely bored to tears as well.

Woman putting folded clothing on a shelf with text that reads: 59 activities to do while social distancing

It would be easier to find things to keep us busy if it wasn’t so dang important that we save our money right now as well so sure, we could all order huge flatscreens, all the new release movies, and a brand new Xbox for our kids but for most of us that won’t sit too well with our budgets so I want to share a ton of things to do when you’re bored and all of them are cheap…or free!

Read the Unread Books in Your Collection

You probably have a bunch sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.  Grab one to read…heck, grab them all and go to town.

Read New eBooks or Audiobooks

I love using the Hoopla app to listen to free audiobooks.  They also have free ebooks, movies, and children’s books!  All you need is a library card and you can start borrowing books for free!

Find Some Binge-Worthy New Podcasts

If you’re not yet hooked on podcasts, it’s time to get hooked!  Podcasts are great to listen to while working out, driving, and even cooking.  Browse one of the many podcast apps and find some that sound appealing…there’s even a bunch geared towards kids.

Try Some At-Home Workouts

YouTube is a great place for free workouts.  You can literally find anything there…and did I mention it’s completely free?!

Do All the Self-Care Things You Love

Your mental health is as important as your physical health, don’t neglect it.  Fill some of your spare time with any self-care activity that makes you feel relaxed and renewed…check out this video for a bunch of cheap or free self-care ideas.

Create a Vision Board

Put that stash of old magazines to work and create a vision board, this is fun to involve the kids too!

Sit down to Redo Your Budget

Start from scratch and create a bare-bones budget (the least amount of money you could live on), a normal budget and a dream budget (if you had a big increase in income).  It can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to budgeting.  Start over with a fresh perspective.

New to budgeting? My 5-day Begin to Budget Mini-Course will walk you through the entire process…and it’s free. GET STARTED NOW.

Purge or Organize Your Closet

You know you’ve been meaning to do this…so get to work 🤣

Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

Grab one with a bazillion pieces, clear off a table and let it sit out as long as it takes to complete it.  We love doing puzzles this way because we can sit down for a few minutes at a time and just walk away when we need a break…We just picked this one up and it’s going to take a while.

Try Out a New Recipe

Pull up that Pinterest board you’ve been saving recipes to for years now and start experimenting!

Create a Photobook Online

Beat the boredom by making a photobook!  Make them as family yearbooks, to commemorate your favorite vacation or as a mushy gift for your bf.  

Get $20 OFF when you create a photobook with Mixbook

Phone a Friend

It’s a great time to reconnect with friends and family you’ve lost touch with.

Purge Photos on Your Phone and Computer

With all the data we hoard these days our devices seem to fill up super fast…purge and organize the photos (and other unneeded data) on your laptop, phone, and other devices.

Play Solitaire

When your family is starting to work your nerves, pop in your air pods and play a game (or three) of Solitaire.  Grab a deck of cards or even play on one of your devices.

Walk Your Dog

Good exercise for you and for Fido…it’s a win-win.

Turn Your Dining Room into a Ping Pong Table

Ping-pong is so fun but not everyone has the room for a ping-pong table…no worries…this fun kit comes with an adjustable net, paddles, and balls to turn any table into a ping-pong table in minutes.

Create a Meal Plan for the Whole Month

I used to meal plan for an entire month at a time and it was awesome.  It can be time-consuming but it’s a productive use of time and will end up saving you time and money in the end.

Do Wordsearches, Crossword Puzzles, or Soduku

These little puzzle books are cheap and can bring hours of fun!  Play alone or grab two and play race your family members.

Wordsearch Book | Crossword Puzzle book | Sudoku Book

Make Your Favorite Dessert

What better time to eat some yummy, comforting desserts?

Spring Clean Your House

You may not want to do it but cleaning really is an awesome way to fill your time…and you’ll burn some calories too!

Create Some Cash Envelopes

We print our own cash envelopes and love that we can easily make another if one gets torn or lost.  You can grab my cash envelope template here.

Tackle a DIY Project

Stop procrastinating and get started on that DIY project you’ve been meaning to get to.

Play Board Games

Pull out all your family’s favorite board games and go to town…this one is probably our all-time fav.

Learn a New Language

There are so many resources available to you to teach yourself a new language.

Have a Family Movie Night

Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite treat, put on your pj’s, and have a movie night…way cheaper than the theater.

Start a Blog

You know that blog or website you’ve been thinking about starting for years now?  Now is the perfect time to get to work on it.

Learn to Sew or Knit

Teach yourself by reading a book or watching YouTube videos…if you already know how then teach your kids.

Give Yourself a Makeover

Try out some new makeup techniques or practice some new hairstyles you haven’t yet found the time to perfect?

Clean Out Your Inbox

If you’re anything like me then that little number by your email app drives you nuts😡 Take some time to clean out all your emails and set up some folders to help keep you better organized moving forward.

Find a New Show on Netflix

I think it’s safe to say. the majority of the population has Netflix by now and if not, now is a great time to sign up for their free trial.  They have so many amazing original programs and documentaries they’ve released lately, you’re bound to find something to watch while you’re bored at home.

Start Journaling

Writing down your thoughts or using a gratitude journal won’t only occupy some time each day but it’s also a great habit to start.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Make up some clues, hide ’em, and get busy having fun.  Everyone can enjoy a good scavenger hunt!  Here are a few tips for creating your own epic scavenger hunt.

List Things Online to Sell

I love selling clothing and handbags online.  While Facebook Marketplace is a fan favorite I feel as though it wastes way too much time with all the bartering and no-shows.  My favorite platforms are Poshmark and Mercari. 

They are both easy to use and list items and everything ships so no awkward meet-ups.  It’s also been my personal experience that things sell at a higher price than on Facebook as well.

Get a $10 Shopping Credit When You Sell on Mercari

Build Legos

Legos aren’t just for kids!  Flex your creative muscles and break out the kids’ Legos.  I love this big bin of mixed Classic Legos the most because you can make virtually anything with them and it’s super affordable (versus some of the insanely priced model sets).  Check out this site for a ton of instructions on things you can make with this Classic set.

Play Catch

Catch is a great activity both indoor and out…just don’t play indoors with an actual baseball 😳  We love getting outside and throwing the football or putting on our baseball gloves and playing catch and this fun ball is perfect for playing catch indoors.

Make a Scrapbook

Do you have a big bin somewhere in your house overflowing with scrapbook supplies?!  Dig it out, grab the kids and make a scrapbook with some of your favorite family memories.

Paint, Draw, or Color

Art supplies can be relatively inexpensive (unless you’re getting the professional brands) and are a great way to pass the time!  We like to keep some in stock here at home for when the kids (or the parents) get bored!  Here are some of our favorites:

Acrylic Paints | Painting Paper | Colored Pencils | Adult Coloring Books

You can also find endless free coloring pages with just a simple Google search online.

Do Some Yard Work

Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and clean up your yard.

Give Yourself a Manicure + Pedicure

It’s great to go to the salon and pamper yourself, but it’s also expensive!  If you have the extra time, try giving yourself a gel mani/pedi at home.  This video will show you how.

Make Some Freezer Meals

Having a freezer stash is always a good idea but it takes time to make all those extra meals.  I love using Eat at Home’s done-for-you meal plans because they are incredibly affordable, come with everything you need (including instructions and a complete shopping list) and they also send out freezer meal plans as well.


Clean Your Makeup Brushes

An esthetician friend of mine often reminds me that we ladies should be doing this (at least) monthly!  I won’t even get into how much bacteria and germs live on these things that we rub allll over our faces each day 😱.  You don’t need any fancy cleaner…I clean mine using water and baby soap (it’s very gentle) and lay them flat on a hand towel to dry overnight.

Create a Budget Binder

Using a budget binder literally changed our lives.  Yeah, it’s that dramatic.  It helped me really get familiar with our budget and made managing our money a more efficient process.  You can watch this video where I walk through our exact budget binder setup and grab a copy of my printable budgeting bundle and set up your own budget binder.


Meditation is such a wonderful habit to begin but it can take some getting used to!  There are lots of videos to help you get started on YouTube and a bunch of options in the app store as well.

Try on Clothes

Try on all your clothing and get rid (donate or sell) of anything that doesn’t fit, is out of style, or you. haven’t touched it in a year.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you’ve wanted to start creating your own YouTube videos, don’t put it off any longer.  You don’t need any special gear to get started… Grab your phone and film your first video right now!

Switch Up Some of the Decor in Your House

This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling discontented with our home.  I love moving plants or decorative items around and switching up the photos in the frames to give a room a fresh feel.

Determine Your Debt-Free Date

Have you ever calculated your debt-free date?  (You can skip this one if you’re debt-free). It’s so fun – and I’m not just saying that because I’m a super-nerd 😂

This debt snowball calculator is a clever spreadsheet that will help you determine exactly when you will become debt-free and the really cool part is you can play around with extra payments, lump sums, etc. and it will recalculate and show you how each payment can get you closer to your goal!  It’s super-motivating and a necessity if you’re working to pay off your debt.

Have a Dance Party

“Alexa, play dance radio”!  Blast some music and dance around like no one’s watching!!  Dancing is a fun way to boost your endorphins and a killer form of exercise.

Go for a Hike

Become one with nature.  Hiking is good for the soul, especially if the weather is good in your area.

Bake Your Own Bread

Did you know how simple it is to bake your own bread??  Healthier, better-tasting and will make your whole house. smell incredible.  If you want to get really fancy, grab one of these.

Wash Your Windows

Ugh, windows…the most annoying pain-in-the-you-know-where thing to clean in the whole house!?  But, alas, it has to be done, right?  This is hands-down the best window cleaner I’ve ever tried – streaks be gone.

Take a Bubble Bath

Being bored at home can be stressful…yes, I’m being serious, especially if you’re an extreme extrovert.  Light some candles, fill the tub, grab your favorite book and take some YOU time.

Make Tie-Dye Shirts

Yep, they’re totally back in style, big time…and they’re not cheap!  Grab some inexpensive plain shirts or crewnecks, a tie-dye kit and relive your youth.  P.S.  Kids love doing this too!

Wash All Your Linens

Another booorrrringg household task.  Pull down your drapes, curtains, tablecloths, comforters, etc. and toss ’em in the wash!  You’ll be glad you did when everything looks and smells so fresh and so clean, clean 😉 These are the best laundry detergents on a budget.

Dye Your Hair a Fun Color

Want to switch up your look but don’t want to commit?  I found this temporary, vegan hair dye when searching for a way to dye my daughter’s hair without ruining it.  They have a million super-bright colors and are very reasonably priced but they can stain, so take careful precautions prepping your work area.

Play Some Video Games

Proceed with caution.  I know, video games can be super addicting, but they’re okay in moderation. I love playing the old-school Nintendo my son has (it was re-released a few years ago).  It’s cheaper than most other consoles and comes pre-loaded with a bunch of games!  Our favorite game is Mario 3 and don’t worry…Momma schools him every time 🤣

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

We did this a few years back to give out as gifts and they turned out great.  We purchased this all-in-one kit and it gave us almost everything we needed.  It was a really fun activity plus then you have lots of bath bombs to use at a fraction of the price…those babies are crazy-expensive these days.

Vacuum Out Your Car

No one likes to do it but it has to be done.  Especially if you have dogs that like to join you on your Sunday joyrides (like mine).  Grab your Shopvac (we love this smaller size for the cars) and get ‘er done.

Make a Bucket List

Making a bucket list is a great way to spend your spare time!  Make specific ones such as a Summer Bucket List or a classic bucket list that includes all the things you’d like to experience and accomplish in your life.

Hopefully, you found a few activities that piqued your interest on this list.  There really are so many more things to do when you’re bored…the possibilities are endless, but sometimes it feels impossible to come up with fun things to do to keep yourself (and your kids) busy.  If you don’t have time to try them all, save this to Pinterest for a rainy day.

💸 Take Back Control of Your Finances in 2023 💸
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💸 Take Back Control of Your Finances in 2023 💸
Get Instant Access to our free mini course

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