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It sucks when there is an item you wish you could own but remains out of reach—daydreaming until the day you have the money to own it. Recently people participated in an online poll that asked, “What is an item you would love to own but can’t afford to?” Here are some of the top responses.

1. Stocks

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Someone said, “100 shares each of every stock I should have bought when I was young.”

Another responded, saying, “Agreed, if I could have the stocks I wanted when I was 10, I’d be doing pretty good, lol.”

2. A Room Full of Books

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“A room in my house full of books with old leather covers. You can’t see any walls. It’s just shelves and shelves of books,” a person described.

3. A Therapist

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A user said, “Well, I guess not own. But I would love to visit one and then tell me things to improve my well-being.”

4. The Essentials

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Someone said, “A fully stocked underground bunker, full of food, water, supplies, and weapons, prepared for any event that threatens the existence of humanity.”

5. A Van

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“A van loaded with the necessities of a home so that my cat and I can roam and explore North America,” someone said.

6. A Swimming Pool

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“I love nothing more than swimming, and it’s the only thing that gets me out of the house on my birthday because it’s in the summer. SO MANY people in my neighborhood have pools, and I just wanna crash straight through their fence and jump straight in like the Kool-Aid man,” a user said.

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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“An expensive pair of noise-canceling headphones that have amazing sound quality that makes Bose sound bad since mine got stolen,” a person said.

8. Affordable Healthcare

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A user said, “I wish for changes to the system such that you don’t need insurance to access affordable medical care.”

9. A House

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“A house. I have realized today that it’s not obtainable, and I’ll probably never be a homeowner. Such a shame,” one person confessed.

10. A Business

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Someone shared, “My own stationery cafe/business. I have this as a goal in the future, but you need money to start a business. I can’t afford to risk it at this moment.”

11. Live-In Help

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“A live-in maid and cook. I know I wouldn’t own them (eww), but it would benefit me greatly and free up so much time,” a user shared.

12. A Cat Tree

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Someone said, “One of those enormous cherry blossom cat trees for my cats! I think they are so bored with what they have. I feel bad that I can’t just randomly buy them better things at this time.”

13. A Big Car

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“One of those with a hood that pops open if something hits it hard, like a moose, and sends it sliding over the roof instead of it crashing through the window,” someone said.

14. Air Conditioner

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“Right now? Working air conditioner in my home and vehicle. Every day has reached over 90 degrees. So yeah, air conditioner,” one user offered.

15. Dutch Oven

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A person said, “On the smaller side, a Le Creuset Dutch oven. On the larger side, a comfy 2-3 bedroom house with a workshop.”

16. Laser Hair Removal

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“I’m gonna go a more “within-reach” route and say an at-home laser hair removal system. Razor burn/bumps are out of control this year, and they don’t scream sexy legs for summer,” someone said.

17. Race Horse

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A user said, “I could BUY one right now, but I couldn’t afford to keep it in training or do it justice with aftercare when it was done racing.”

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