Man trying to kiss woman and she looks grossed out

Men often have the best of intentions, but sometimes they do things that drive women up the wall. Things we would assume to be basic knowledge or common decency. We found a thread on a popular online forum where women were discussing specific things they wished men would stop doing. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Dirty Hands

Dirty hands with black background
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Someone said, “‘I’ll never forget the night my husband came home from bowling and immediately tried being intimate (usually fine, but) with his nasty bowling fingers. Sir, if you don’t get your bacteria-glowing fingers away from me.”

2. Stop Flirting

Couple sitting outside flirting
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Someone said, “If a woman tells you she’s a lesbian when you’re flirting, it means one of two things:
1: She is a lesbian.
2: She is pretending to be a lesbian, so you’ll stop flirting with her.
Either way, you should stop flirting.”

3. Unsolicited Pictures

Fit shirtless man taking a selfie outside
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“Please stop sending pics of your privates to random women online. It’s just straight-up creepy and gross. If a woman wants to see it, she’ll ask for a picture,” one woman said.

4. Weird Self Labels

Woman pretending to gag herself standing with a man
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Another replied, “Calling yourself an “alpha” or “sigma” male. You aren’t necessarily hurting anyone by doing it, but no one takes you seriously when you talk like that.”

5. No Touching

Woman looking annoyed about a man putting his hand on a coworker's shoulder
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A user said, “When you need to get past me, please don’t put your hands on my waist/hips/lower back to move me aside. I don’t know you. Stop touching me.”

6. Nothing’s Wrong

Mature couple appearing to be in an arguement
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A person said, “I told a guy friend this. He would say, “What’s wrong” when I was reading or just sitting around. I finally said who sits around smiling all the time? Just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m in a bad mood. I’ll let you know if something is wrong.”

7. “No” Means “No”

Woman ditching man and breaking up with him
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Someone offered, “It’s wild to me how movies and TV shows treat a woman saying “No” like it means “You haven’t put enough effort in, keep trying.” I learned on my own that any form of “no” means no.”

8. Blame Game

Couple arguing outside of apartment building
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“Blaming women because they don’t want to sleep with you. Ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Why would any woman want to be around someone who thinks like that,” one user said.

9. Respect Decisions

Young woman sitting on the floor looking upset with a man sitting behind her on the couch looking angry
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“If a woman says she doesn’t want children, don’t respond by saying she doesn’t know better. I don’t know where you guys get off of telling a grown woman that she doesn’t know what she wants, but it needs to stop. If she doesn’t want children, respect her decision,” a person said.

10. Too Emotional

Couple arguing while woman is holding a baby
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Someone said, “Acting like anger isn’t an emotion and saying women are more emotional than men.”

Someone disagreed and said, “Women display a wider range of emotions, men have them too, but we’re taught not to express most of them.”

11. Being Needy

Man on his knees apologizing to woman
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A user said, “Acting like the Big Man of the family, the provider, while being so needy that they can’t prepare a piece of toast or pot of coffee or pick out a pair of clean underwear for themselves.”

12. Spitting

Man spitting water out of his mouth
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“So, I think it’s a thing only from Philly because I haven’t seen it anywhere else, but just randomly spitting on the sidewalk. It’s so nasty. One time some old man hacked a loogie on my lawn in front of my house. It was so gross,” someone said.

13. Unwanted Attention

Group of women walking by men sitting on bleachers
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A user said, “It would be great if I could walk two whole blocks while wearing shorts and a tank without being approached. Stop it. I’m not looking for attention. It’s just hot out.”

14. Apologize

Men staring at women in a bar
Image Credit: CREATISTA via Shutterstock.

“If I’m at a bar with my partner, and you start flirting with me/making me uncomfortable, but then realize I’m with someone – don’t apologize to my partner. Apologize to ME,” someone said.

15. Put-Downs

Man putting a woman down and she looks upset
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A person said, “That thing they do where they hit on you and put you down, then hit on you some more, hoping that lowers your self-esteem enough to date them.”

16. Cat Calls

Man whistling at a woman walking by him
Image Credit: MDV Edwards via Shutterstock.

One woman replied, “What’s the purpose? I don’t want to have sex with you just because you screamed “nice t*ts” at me from your car.”

17. Making Choices

Angry young woman screaming at a phone
Image Credit: ESB Professional via Shutterstock.

“Making choices about women’s rights and women’s bodies when they have no clue what we as women go through and experience,” someone said.

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