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You know the feeling, you’re working hard all day, checking things off your to-do list, then bam, you hit a wall. You feel exhausted, your head gets foggy, and you start counting down the minutes until your day ends. Lucky for you, that doesn’t have to be your everyday normal. A recent online survey asked people how they beat the afternoon blues. Here are some of the most popular tips.

1. Stay Hydrated

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“Make sure you’re drinking water. Even mild dehydration can make you tired and drowsy. At least 24 fl. oz. in your first 8 hours awake, and try to drink at least a bit every hour,” a user said.

2. Eat More Protein

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A person said, “Breaking my fast with protein nearly eliminated afternoon blues; I use nuts or a hard-boiled egg.”

3. Go Do It

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A user said, “Afternoon blues for me usually comes from a feeling of not doing enough with the day. The solution has consistently been to go watch the sunset from a hill or go for a long walk. Push yourself and go do something that was bothering you. Life’s short, and regret is heavy. Go have fun while you can.”

4. Get Checked

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“I was recently seen by an ear, nose, and throat doctor for my snoring, and apparently, constantly being tired during the afternoon could be a result of sleep apnea, so also something to consider is to have that checked out, especially if you snore, are male and/or overweight as it’s more common in those populations,” a person said.

5. Take a Nap

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One person replied, “Take a nap. Best thing ever, but I guess home office privilege.”

Someone else added, “However, don’t make a habit of napping for longer than 30 minutes.”

6. Take a Cold Shower

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“It may sound like insanity, but a cold shower does it for me,” a user said.

Someone added, “Unfortunately, not many of us can take a cold shower while at work in the afternoon.”

7. Cut Out Gluten

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Another user said, “I realized I had a slight intolerance to gluten, and when I switched from sandwiches to a salad for lunch, I stopped getting the dip. Watch what you eat before the dip, as this is likely causing it.”

8. Reward Yourself

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A user said, “I use things to incentivize me to get through the toughest part of the day. So if I make it to 3:15 without whining, I reward myself with a small prize, like candy.”

9. Try the Keto Diet

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Somebody said, “I went keto a few years ago and said bye-bye to food coma, as keto helps with stabilizing your blood glucose levels throughout the day. Another benefit is I need less sleep than before.”

10. Reduce Sugars and Caffeine

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A user said, “If your sugar or caffeine intake is high, consider reducing it. High levels in the morning start dropping off later in the day and can lead to a “crash” because your receptors suddenly realize you’re tired.”

11. Iron

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A person said, “I stopped getting afternoon blues after taking my iron supplement consistently every day! Very common for women who get periods to be anemic or have low (but technically normal) iron stores.”

12. Exercise

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“Physical activity can help stimulate your body and mind. Take a short walk outside, do some stretching exercises, or engage in a quick workout. Moving your body can increase blood flow and provide a natural energy boost,” a user said.

13. Have a Snack

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A user said, “A break, afternoon tea if I’m working, and Aperol Spritz and some snacks with my significant other if we need a little something to get our act together for the evening.”

14. Drink Tea

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“Cup of tea about an hour after lunch, not just caffeine, its the mix of herbs that relaxes and re-energizes. Other stimulants, sodas, coffee, not the same,” someone said.

15. Take a Break

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“Take a break from your screen. Screens are very draining, especially your phone and computer,” someone shared.

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