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Sometimes we are so busy in our life, or we just never get the opportunity to learn more about our world and how it works. Someone asked in an online forum, “What is something that blew your mind once you realized it?” Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Amazing Colleagues

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“Sometimes it is more important to like your colleagues than the actual job. I had sh***y jobs with the most amazing colleagues and had sh***y colleagues and the most amazing job. I’d pick the first every time.”

2. Pablo + Eminem

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“Pablo Picasso and Eminem were both alive at the same time,” a person said.

Another added, “I’d bet a lot of people think Picasso is a Renaissance artist.”

3. Turkeys Roost in Trees

Wild turkey in the woods
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A user said, “When I was a kid, I was fishing with my dad on a lake, and we saw turkeys crash landing from a few very tall trees along the lake. It was one of the funniest things you’ve ever heard. Just the sound of tumbling mass and gobologoblgobogl.“

4. The Wild Wild West

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“They were colonizing the Wild West at the same time as they were building skyscrapers in Manhattan. I always think of them taking place eighty to a hundred years apart. It’s wild,” a person said.

5. Boiling Water

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One user said, “Nuclear power plants are just steam power plants that use nuclear reactions to heat the water. There’s no fancy magic extracting energy directly from nuclear material. They just boil water and spin a turbine.”

6. All the Ingredients

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“The Romans had copper wire, magnets, and battery acid. They could have invented electricity hundreds of years before it was actually discovered. But they didn’t. The wire was used for jewelry, the magnets as lodestones, and the battery acid was used to clean the rust off of swords,” one user offered.

7. Poisonous Dart Frogs

Poisonous dart frog sitting on a leaf
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Someone said, “Poison dart frogs aren’t poisonous in captivity. I own five of them, and anytime I tell someone I own some, I always get, “Do you ever lick them” or “Can you go kill someone with them” But yeah, they get their poison from what they eat, and all I give them is fruit flies.”

8. The Lungs

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“The lungs are like sponges. I have two lung diseases, and when I first found out and started going to my pulmonologist, he told me this. He said sponges have a lot of cavities; that’s how lungs are. I found it very interesting,” a person said.

9. Fat in the Air

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Somebody said, “When you lose weight, most of it ends up as carbon dioxide, which is exhaled from your lungs.”

10. Being Poor is Expensive

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A user said, “Being poor is very, very, very expensive. Once you have a decent amount of money and no debt, it’s very easy to live super cheaply. Once you have the money to buy things, it’s MUCH easier to say no to those things.”

11. Inner Monologue

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One person said, “When I found out a large percentage of people walk around all day without an inner monologue, it really messed with me. What do you think? What do you think? How do you make decisions?”

12. Shuffled Cards

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Someone said, “That every time you shuffle a deck of cards, it’s extremely likely that no deck of cards in history has ever been in the same order you just shuffled your deck to.”

13. Muscle Movement

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A user said, “It still blows my mind that I can walk without thinking about moving specific muscles. Like, I can just go around thinking dumb thoughts while my body just contracts the necessary muscles to move all these appendages just because I pointed in a direction and thought to go.”

14. Blind

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“That people that are blind from birth don’t see “black” or “nothing,” they see with their eyes what you see with your elbow,” one person replied.

15. Family Matters

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“Urkel. The dude was a downright menace to the Winslows. I know he’s just a nerd that was loveable, but he was definitely stalking Laura and probably trespassed/destroyed more property than any other sitcom character ever,” someone pointed out.

16. Cool to the Touch

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“That when you touch something metal, it feels cold, not because it is cold, but because it conducts heat better than your hand. The cold sensation is heat being drawn away from your body by the metal,” a user said.

17. Change is Constant

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A user said, “Matter and energy can be changed, but it is never destroyed. It is just changed. The second law of thermodynamics states that, within any system, nothing ever remains the same. Change is constant.”

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