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Need some ideas for inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything?

The women in your life deserved to be showered with gifts – and love, of course – every day, not just on a special occasion.

And while shopping for birthdays and holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day can really add up (especially if you have a lot of special women in your life), they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

These gifts are inexpensive, in fact, they are all under $25.00…plus they are perfect for the woman who has everything and is especially tough to buy for.

Spending decades being broke, I’ve gotten pretty good at finding fun and frugal gifts while sticking to my “gift” budget, so I thought I’d share some inexpensive yet unique gift ideas for HER!

These are perfect inexpensive gifts for her that will guarantee she feels extra special and loved.

For the super low-priced items, pair them with a bouquet of flowers (can you say $4.00 at Aldi?) and you will have a gift worthy of every woman!

And remember, it truly is the thought that counts, not the actual gift itself!

Unique and Inexpensive Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

Every woman likes to feel beautiful. 

Give her this freestanding light-up LED makeup mirror to help her get ready each day. 

This is an especially great gift if she travels often as she can easily toss it in her suitcase so she doesn’t have to deal with awful hotel lighting.

How cute is this coffee mug?!

Succulents and cacti are super trendy right now, so this fun mug would make a great addition to any coffee lovers’ collection!

Stash a Starbucks gift card inside, and you have the ideal gift for your coffee-lovin’ family member.

This portable Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for the woman who needs nothing.

She’ll be able to listen to her favorite podcast or audiobook while in the shower or enjoy some soft, calm music while meditating!

As women, we always are always lugging a ton of stuff around for ourselves, our children, and even our spouses.

We can never have enough bags or pouches to stash our keys, wallets, lip balm, and other miscellaneous small items.

Give the dog-loving woman in your life this adorable canvas bag so she can share her message with the world!

These beautiful druzy crescent earrings are a good choice if your gift recipient enjoys wearing jewelry.

They can be dressed up for dinner parties or even dressed down for a fun, casual look with a touch of sparkle.

Plus, they’re the perfect size if she tends to shy away from large baubles and prefers understated elegance instead.

Every woman loves a sweet succulent, and using plants as home decor pieces is an easy way to bring life and color into a room.

These modern cement succulent planters are a great addition to any desk or windowsill!

Plus, succulents are a great option for the woman who loves plants but struggles to keep them alive!

Collage of fun and frugal gifts for women under $25

Relaxing Gifts for Her

Work, dinner, kids….it’s no wonder so many women are stressed out! 

Why not give her a gift that will allow her to practice self-care and get some much-needed time to herself?

Check out the best inexpensive gifts that will help even the busiest over-stressed woman who has everything actually be able to relax.

Fragrant bubbly bath bombs are the perfect end to any stressful day at work! 

This adorable set comes with six extra-large bath bombs…these are great small gifts that will pair perfectly with some soy candles, essential oils, or her favorite bottle of wine.

Just as good as Lush, with a much smaller price tag!

A weighted blanket is a perfect example of a thoughtful gift for a special woman in your life who may suffer from anxiety or struggle to take any time for herself.

They can get pricy, but there are some affordable options, and can be found in multiple different sizes and weights.

This weighted blanket and her favorite author’s newest release are such an awesome gift for your favorite book lover – and check out all those rave reviews!

I especially love snuggling up with mine in cold weather -the weight adds an extra layer of coziness you just don’t get from a regular blanket.

A long, hot bath is the ultimate in relaxation! 

Upgrade her boring old Epsom salts with these natural Dead Sea bath salts infused with vitamins and minerals.

They will help any woman relax, rejuvenate and detoxify.

Pair them with a beautifully scented candle, and she will feel like you gave her an expensive spa treatment…small luxuries add a personal touch!

Gifts for the Health-Conscious Woman

Have a woman in your life who just doesn’t seem to be feeling herself lately? 

This Feel Better tea will help boost her immune system to help her get back to feeling her best self.

Curling up at the end of a long day with a cup of hot tea is a great way to help her unwind before heading to bed.

We all know that staying hydrated is an important thing to anyone who cares about their health, so a great quality reusable water bottle or cup would be a useful gift for your best friend.

She’ll have an easier time getting in her eight glasses per day when drinking out of a fun turquoise reusable glass.

You can never go wrong with practical gifts…

This popcorn popper is such a fun gift, perfect for whipping up a healthy-snack-for-one anytime…plus, you don’t even need butter or oil!

It’s available in various colors and has almost 50,000 product reviews.

There’s even a family size available that would be so much fun for family movie nights.

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These unique gifts are proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give a nice gift! 

If you are working on getting out of debt and living on a tight budget, it is possible to have enough money to buy gifts for every person or holiday that you’d like.

Add a “gift” category to your budget and add whatever you can afford each month. 

As long as you are intentional about giving gifts only that you can afford, over time, this category will build up, and you’ll be able to stop feeling stressed each time a birthday or holiday is approaching.

I hope these cheap gift ideas helped you find the best gifts for the women in your life without wasting much time searching online or driving from store to store!

Kristin Stones is the owner of Cents + Purpose, an online community dedicated to sharing practical personal finance content. Her mission is to equip women with the necessary tools and knowledge to take back control of their money and live a more purposeful life. She creates actionable content to help her audience achieve financial wellness using her simple approach to managing money - all learned through her personal experience of paying off almost $55,000 of debt in under two years.

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