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People can be very stubborn and set in their ways. Many of us still have some of the same habits we picked up throughout our childhood, and they’re just too good to let go. Here are 13 nostalgic childhood habits that just never get old.

1. Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons

Man sitting on the couch watching cartoons
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There was nothing better than parking your butt in front of the TV on Saturday mornings to watch your favorite cartoons. Even as adults, if you happen to see some of those old shows pop up on Netflix, you can’t help but turn them on!

2. Playing With Legos

Man sitting on the floor building legos
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Legos are a toy people can enjoy at any age. Building towers and cities can keep your mind busy. Lego has even released adult building sets, proving that people are never too old to play with Legos.

3. Boxed Mac & Cheese

Bowl of boxed macaroni and cheese on a table
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Few foods are as comforting as a big bowl of mac & cheese. However, mac & cheese from a box is a special kind of delicious. There’s just something about that bright orange powdered cheese that will always hold a place in our hearts!

4. Laughing at Farts

Couple laying on the ground on pillows talking and laughing
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Sick? Sure, but adults many adults still find farts hilarious. What can you do? Crude, immature humor truly knows no age.

5. Playing Video Games

Child playing Nintendo video game in the 80s
Image Credit: Gorodenkoff via Shutterstock.

While video games look vastly different compared to the versions of decades past, anyone who was once a gamer could likely be convinced to pick up a controller again if offered to play their once-favorite game.

6. Fun-Shaped Foods

Dino Nuggets and smiley potatoes on a table.
Image Credit: Holly Rae Garcia via Shutterstock.

It’s hard to resist crap food shaped like animals or smiley faces. Chicken, fried potatoes, cheese, you name it…give it a cute shape, and it’s irresistible.

7. Sleeping on the Couch

Woman laying down taking a nap on a couch
Image Credit: Syda_Productions via Deposit Photos.

There’s nothing more relaxing than turning on the TV and slowly drifting off for a mid-day nap on the couch. If only we could tell ourselves as children how much we’d love napping someday.

8. Grilled Cheese

Glass plate with grilled cheese and tomato soup
Image Credit: Nature’s Charm via Shutterstock.

On a cold rainy day or when you’re at home sick, the warm coziness of having grilled cheese with a bowl of hot soup (preferably tomato) brings joy and comfort inside.

9. Crying When Frustrated

Man sitting at a table, crying and covering his mouth
Image Credit: ShotPrime Studio via Shutterstock.

When frustrated and feeling like nothing will make things better, the only thing left to do is let out a big cry. The initial release of all the pent-up emotions frees and allows for a clear mind afterward.

10. Stuffed Animals

A young girl playing on the floor with her stuffed animals.
Image Credit: TierneyMJ via Shutterstock.

Having a collection of stuffed animals is something that heals the inner child. Now, with the popularity of Squishmellows, many adults have started collecting again, believe it or not.

11. Playing Music Too Loud

Young man playing very loud music in speakers
Image Credit: Mike_shots via Shutterstock.

Blasting your favorite song and singing along as loudly as possible never gets old – at any age. It may, however, hurt your ears much more the older you get.

12. Watching Daytime Shows When Sick

Woman sitting on the couch sick covered in a blanket
Image Credit: Dragana Gordic via Shutterstock.

The nostalgia of being home sick and watching the daytime shows you would miss during school hours is something many people remember fondly. Game shows like The Price is Right, soap operas, or daytime talk shows like Dr. Phil are still fun to watch for many when home sick from work.

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