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Growing up, most of us are told by parents, caregivers, and teachers to be safe. They warn us that if we don’t take precautions, we will suffer the consequences and get hurt. An internet poll asked users to share something they warn people about, but they don’t heed their warnings. Here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Falling

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“You can hurt yourself grievously when hitting your head on the ground or nearby objects. Concussions are nothing to laugh about, no matter your age,” one person said.

2. Safety for Working at Heights

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“I work with people who worry more about sun safety than they do about working at heights greater than 2 meters,” someone mentioned.

3. Having Enough Insurance

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“Your stuff is probably worth way more than you think once you start adding it up, and a total loss event will flip your entire life on its end, and if there’s not enough insurance money, it can be impossible to come back from,” someone said.

4. Sunscreen

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Someone shared, “Surprisingly, more people hadn’t grasped how important it is on our skin in the long run.”

5. Sleep Deprivation

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Someone said, “That’ll kill you. Slowly, Painfully, and Insidiously. Your body will wear out. Your mind will waste away. You will be sick all the time. Your judgment, self-control, and emotional continence will fail with astonishing regularity.”

6. Loud Music in Headphones

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“This happens at the gym, and all the young high schoolers listen to their music so loudly. It is going to blow their ears out eventually,” one person responded.

7. Social Media

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Someone said, “Keeping their kids away from social media for as long as humanly possible. They are too young for the 24/7 drama.”

8. Antibiotics

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Someone said, “It’s imperative to follow the prescription and finish the bottle. I’ve known people who stop taking them when they start to feel better and save the rest of the bottle for “the next time I’m sick.”

9. Over Fishing

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Somebody said, “Corporate trawlers are decimating fishing stocks in Alaska. Unfortunately, they own about 70 percent of the folks in the fisheries board.”

10. Air Flow

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“Always use fans on your plants when you are growing them indoors! Especially seedlings. Plants hate still, stagnant air. They can transpire moisture more effectively when the air is moving,” a person shared.

11. Fire Extinguisher

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One user said, “You never know how fast your life can change until a natural disaster/fire hits. And yes, it could be you.”

12. Foot Strength

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“Many knee, hip, and back issues stem from weak feet/ ankles. People think they need softer insoles, but it’s weakening your feet,” another person warned.

13. How You Speak to Kids

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Someone said, “My mother once referred to my little sister as chunky and said they’d have to cut back on her diet, and I had to stop and remind her that was the exact sort of thing that my dad and his gf said to me that caused me to develop an eating disorder.”

14. Helmets

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“I was skiing and had taken much harder falls. I guess this one just hit differently. Fortunately, things turned back to normal within a couple of days. Wear your helmets, folks!” a person said.

15. Gum Care

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A person said, “The gums are almost directly linked to your bloodstream. I had a friend who had to have all her teeth removed due to neglect. I knew it was going to be bad for her heart, and I tried to warn her to ask her doctor for antibiotics. She didn’t. Less than a year later, she died from some heart attack or something.”

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