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Nothing is worse than when a joke has run its course, and people continue to beat a dead horse. After someone asked, “What joke is starting to get old now?” The internet responded to deliver this list of jokes that are no longer funny.

1. Did I Ask?

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A big one in middle school used to be, “that sounds like a personal problem.” For literally anything. My friends would say that from time to time when I came to them in earnest, and they were probably trying to be funny, but it came off dismissive. Like yeah, it’s a personal problem, but you’re my friend, and I need your help.”

2. I Hate My Spouse Jokes

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“The ‘I hate my spouse’ jokes. Nobody thinks it funny if someone is miserable in your marriage, and you just come off as a jerk,” replied one. Another added, “I haven’t heard someone under 50 make that kind of joke. Then, finally, someone joked, “Boomer humor: I hate my wife. Millennial humor: I hate my life. Zoomer humor: beesechurger.”

3. It Must Be Free!

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Anyone who has worked in retail can relate to this played-out joke. When an item doesn’t ring up at the register, the customer responds, “That must mean it’s free!” Imagine hearing that multiple times a day, five days a week, for the rest of your retail life. Please stop.

4. A Million Dollars

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Next, a server shared a common restaurant woe. When a server checks on their tables, they naturally ask, “Can I bring you anything else?” The patron, who thinks you haven’t heard this a dozen times already this shift, replies, “A million dollars.” And then laugh like a hyena.

As a former server, I replied, “If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t be serving you.” I don’t know if it came off rude, but the joke’s not funny and is something servers seriously hear every shift.

5. Staged “Spontaneous” Situations

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“Spontaneous, funny situations that are obviously staged aren’t amusing and viral all over the web. Someone shared, “All of TikTok. The issue is that while people come up with original content, that is flooded out with hundreds of people that will copy a sketch or premise, shot for shot sometimes. It’s all just so repetitive and unoriginal in the end.”

6. “Tell Me You Don’t Know ___ Without Telling Me You Don’t Know ___.”

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“Tell me you don’t know _____ without telling me you don’t know. It’s not even a joke; it’s just people being condescending and getting a laugh at someone else’s expense.” shared one.

7. Working Hard or Hardly Working

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“I’m hardly laughing,” one user responded. Another chimed in, “I’m already at work; I don’t have time for a second job pretending you’re funny.”

Still, another added, “Why don’t you tell me something I don’t hear every day, like THANK YOU.”

8. Put a Finger Down if You…

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“Just here to say I’m done with the ‘Put a finger down if you’re followed by three minutes of a crazy story followed by the person putting a finger down,” replied one.

9. Today Years Old

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I was today years old jokes,” another suggested. “It was funny exactly once. Now it just sounds idiotic.” One person stated, “The first time I saw someone say that, I thought it was hilarious. I laughed out loud at it.”

“A week later, when I’d seen it another 50 times, I was sick of it. This family member on Facebook overused it to the point where he’d post pictures with that caption multiple times per day, every day for a few weeks. I got sick of it fast.”

10. Thank You for Coming To My TED Talk

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Someone volunteered, “Thank you for coming to my TED Talk,” after a paragraph. Do people still attend TED Talks?” Another added, “It’s just ‘in this essay, I will’ but 1000x worse.”

11. Your Car’s Extended Warranty

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One person shared, “I’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty jokes.” Finally, someone confessed, “Now I wish the telemarketers would quit asking me about it.”

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