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Each country has benefits, sights, or things that make the quality of life better than the other. In this case, a recent online poll shows the top 15 answers for things Americans do better compared to Europe.

1. Car Batteries

Mechanic putting a new battery into a car
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“You want a car battery at 3 am Europe? USA’s got you covered,” someone shared.

“That’s the most patriotic thing I’ve ever read,” a person answered.

2. Universities

Front of college building with students standing outside
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“Yours are good. Ours are better. That’s why the entire planet sends their best and brightest to US universities,” someone stated.

3. National Parks

Rock arch at Arches national park in Utah
Image Credit: anthony heflin via Shutterstock.

“Never been to the USA, but national parks are magnificent,” a person expressed.

“Come and see for yourself when you get a chance! There are so many incredible parks,” another person replied.

4. Central Heat and Air

Central air unit outside of a house
Image Credit: Chad Robertson Media via Shutterstock.

Someone recalled, “I’d say central heat and air. These heat waves hurt us in the US, but I remember seeing pictures of people completely nude on patios trying to get away from that UK heatwave.”

5. Pick Up and Drop Off

Mom dropping child off a school
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“I am jealous of the drop-off and pick-up system US schools have. In the UK, it’s utter carnage, idiots parking on pavements, kids nearly getting run over, having to park half a mile away and walk them into school,” a user shared.

6. Burgers

Fancy expensive cheeseburger at a restaurant
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“A good burger is hard to come by if you aren’t in North America. And I’m not talking about fast food. I mean a good solid burger,” someone explained.

7. Washrooms

Empty public restroom
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“Free access to washrooms. Finding washrooms in Europe is a mission and frequently costs money; in America, you usually just have to step into the nearest store/restaurant,” a person said.

8. Americans With Disabilities Act

Man wheeling himself in a wheelchair
Image Credit: VGstockstudio via Shutterstock.

Someone stated, “This program has since been copied in many other countries, but the Americans With Disabilities Act (1990) was a model for the rest of the world in protecting the rights of people with disabilities and providing accommodations for accessibility.”

9. Water

Pouring water into a glass on counter
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“Free water. Free flat water at every restaurant and water fountain everywhere, god I’m tired of paying for overpriced bottled water at restaurants,” someone expressed.

10. Saying Hello to Strangers

Woman talking to a stranger on a subway car
Image Credit: BearFotos via Shutterstock.

“Honestly, that’s one of the biggest things. In Europe, you are treated like a criminal when you attempt that,” somebody said.

11. Gifted Programs

Young girl doing math on a white board in her gifted class
Image Credit: Ground Picture via Shutterstock.

A person declared, “You Americans actually help gifted children move up through the education system instead of burying their dreams, motivation, and hopes in years and years of boredom that kills all they ever were and dreamed of. Here, in Spain, nobody can move up more than two grades. It’s set by law.”

12. Water Pressure

Person holding a detachable shower head with bad water pressure
Image Credit: HenadziPechan via Shutterstock.

“Water pressure. Dual citizen here. In Europe, It’s like I’m standing under a watering can,” somebody declared.

13. Washing Machines and Dryers

Couple sitting on the floor doing laundry together
Image Credit: Yuganov Konstantin via Shutterstock.

A user shared, “Washing machines and dryers for clothes—especially dryers. European dryers take 3-5x as long as US ones for energy efficiency. And you have to empty the water out of them in a water tank, whereas on US ones, it just gets hotter and evaporates.”

14. Screened Windows

Man putting a screen in a window
Image Credit: Radovan1 via Shutterstock.

“Having screens on all windows! I’ll never understand just letting bugs and critters easily access your house,” a person stated.

15. Movies

Empty movie theater and projector
Image Credit: Fer Gregory via Shutterstock.

“European here. The US has the best movies; when I see the intro saying produced by Arte and ZDF, you know it will suck. Somehow most of our actors never reach the Hollywood level, and our special effects are all done with an RTX 4070,” someone said.

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