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We’ve all heard a conspiracy theory or two in our lifetime. Most of the time, we wave them off and give them no attention, but sometimes they do prove to be true. Recently, people weighed in online to share the most ridiculous conspiracy theories they believe would rock the world if proven to be true. Here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Mosquito Reserve

Mosquito sitting on surface
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“The earth is a mosquito reserve. The entire universe does not want mosquitoes, but killing them off is not done. So now they have their own reserve with especially tasty animals for them,” someone said.

2. It Already Ended

Carving of the Mayan calendar
Image Credit: zimmytws via Shutterstock.

A person said, “The Mayan calendar was right, and the world ended in 2012. We are now experiencing a simulation as an alien museum exhibit.”

3. Unidentified Ariel Phenomena

UFO in the sky
Image Credit: Marko Aliaksandr via Shutterstock.

“That the UAP phenomena are actually human-made – but from well into the future, and we’re visiting the past to study archeologically why or how a cataclysmic event occurred,” a user shared.

4. Death Worlders

Image of a galaxy in space
Image Credit: tose via Shutterstock.

“The rest of the galaxy keeps us quarantined because they know if we ever really get off this planet, we’ll take over, and nothing could stop us,” someone said.

5. Turtles

Large turtle walking on the road
Image Credit: Ben McMurtray via Shutterstock.

A person said, “The Earth actually rests on the back of a giant space turtle, and it is standing on an infinite number of turtles all the way down.”

6. The Fizz

Pepsi and Coca Cola bottle caps
Image Credit: Chones via Shutterstock.

Someone shared, “That Pepsi secretly owns Coke after Coke’s stock fell, and the whole Pepsi vs. Coke is just a marketing ploy now.”

7. The Phantom Time Hypothesis

Old painting of European history
Image Credit: Everett Collection via Shutterstock.

“Several hundred years of European history was invented by a few guys so they could be in power in the year 1000. It would disrupt history, archaeology, scientific dating methods, astronomy, and probably a bunch of other fields,” one person offered.

8. Angels

Angel floating in the sky
Image Credit: Jason Grant via Shutterstock.

“I would say the religious communities would be shooketh if the biblically described angels began appearing,” someone said.

9. Nessy

Lochness monster in lake
Image Credit: Adwo via Shutterstock.

A user said, “The Loch Ness monster is real. Can you imagine if a dinosaur just comes strolling out of that body of water, causing mayhem?”

10. Lost Intelligence

Human figure shown in a galaxy
Image Credit: Bruce Rolff via Shutterstock.

“There were other intelligent civilizations on Earth before humans, millions to billions of years ago, but we’ve lost all trace of them except for a few out-of-place objects that get found every now and then,” someone said.

11. Kardash

Planet with ring in space
Image Credit: andreiuc88 via Shutterstock.

“There’s a planet opposite Earth on the other side of the sun called “Kardash.” A small group of beings from Kardash came to Earth to corrupt our civilization using popular media,” a person shared.

12. At the Top

Politician speaking with reporters
Image Credit: Frame Stock Footage via Shutterstock.

A user said, “Politicians and democracy is a way to make the average person feel like they have freedom while the actual leaders are the elites at the top.”

13. AI

OpenAI logo showing on a phone sitting on a keyboard
Image Credit: Ascannio via Shutterstock.

“What if we are all just a result of AI (artificial intelligence) from another planet or galaxy or a different universe altogether? Like we are all being monitored because each AI entity has a job to check on us individually,” someone said.

14. Apocalyptic Event

“That society used to be as advanced as it is now, but there was a near-apocalyptic event that made people have to start over,” a user shared.

15. The Cure

Researchers in a medical lab
Image Credit: ESB Professional via Shutterstock.

“We have the cure for cancer, but the industries that found it have suppressed it to keep the cancer drug industry thriving,” a person said.

16. The Moon Landing

Astronaut putting flag on the moon
Image Credit: Castleski via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “The 1969 moon landing was faked because we didn’t have the technology back then to do it, even though we do now.”

17. Simulation

Holographic group of people
Image Credit: JLStock via Shutterstock.

A user said, “Our universe is a machine learning experiment for SuperAI in the real world. Or it’s a test: How well does this AI simulate Real Humans, and how fast can those humans figure out that it is, in fact, a simulation?”

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