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When one thinks about addiction, their minds go straight to the heavy stuff like drugs and alcohol. Although those are some of the most common addictions, anything that keeps you from being the best you can be and changes you if you don’t get to act can be considered an addiction. People took to an online forum to share the addictions they struggle with the most. Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Video Games

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“I play a TON of video games, but they never get in the way of my responsibilities,” someone said.

2. Procrastination

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A person shared, “I almost lost my job because I procrastinated getting out of bed every morning and would be late for work regularly.”

3. Alcohol

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“It’s still alcohol. Six years sober, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about having a drink. I kept lying to myself by thinking; If I was to start back drinking. I could control it this time,” someone shared.

4. Sugar

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“Thank God I still have a good metabolism, but I know in about 5-10 years that will catch up to me. I don’t wanna become a large man either, so I’m trying to look down the barrel of change now,” somebody said.

5. Diet Coke

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A person said, “I gave up Diet Coke (11-16 per day) about five years ago, and I STILL will occasionally see someone drinking one and be thrown into an intense craving!”

6. Laying in Bed

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“Yeah, it can be hard to get up in the morning. It’s hard not to immediately lay down when I return home, too,” someone said.

7. Food

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“That’s my first thought if I go to a concert. Or shopping. Or a road trip; What food trucks will be there, what I’ll have for lunch, etc,” someone shared.

8. Negativity

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“It’s getting better for me now, but I understand. I think shifting focus to something good, even small, helps: like looking at the sky, going outside for a minute, etc,” a person said.

9. Caffeine

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“I take a caffeine pill in the morning, and by noon, I’m in need of a Red Bull or, preferably, green Monster,” someone shared.

10. Dermatillomania

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“AKA skin picking disorder. I waste at least 3-4 hours a day picking my skin. My scalp is absolutely picked raw, and my hair is always full of skin flakes I’ve pulled off,” someone said.

11. Cats

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“I have my own black cat sanctuary, and the shelters and veterinary hospitals nearby know about me. So what? I have a massive property and can easily afford them,” someone said.

12. Cigarettes

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“I’ve tried and quit every hard drug there is out there just about, and cigarettes is the one I can’t get rid of,” a person shared.

13. Legos

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“Especially the older and more expensive sets you never got as a kid. Never had much growing up, think I’m overcompensating or something,” a person said.

14. Gambling

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“I am too impulsive, compulsive, and completely stupid about it. I just locked myself out of my online gaming site,” a person said.

15. Escapism

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Somebody said, “I’m so stressed working two jobs and going to school and preparing for a study abroad and dealing with finding out that I’m bipolar two that in my every free moment, I avoid being in person. I just watch YouTube or TikTok all the time.”

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