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The human brain loves patterns; it seeks them out. It also loves rewards, and if it gets one, it thinks it is doing a good job. It will want to continue to seek out what will be rewarded for. For most people, this isn’t an issue; however, it can become an addiction to seek out the reward too often. Becoming addicted to the rush, the thrill, and the reward of dopamine. These 15 habits are some of the most common that people don’t even realize they are addicted to.

1. Misery Loves Company

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As the saying goes, “Misery loves company.” It can be addictive because of feeling a connection between the bond. However, this type of bond isn’t a healthy one.

2. Drama Queen

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Some people always seem to be the center of the drama. This is because it, too, can be addictive. The rush of negative attention can be addictive without even noticing.

3. Aimlessly Scrolling

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Social media can be extremely addictive – in fact, it’s intentionally designed to keep you from leaving the platform. Psychologists and scientists are hired to help create algorithms that keep people aimlessly scrolling for hours on end.

4. Spending Money

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Shopping can be used as a crutch. The rush of adrenaline, when scoring a great deal feeds the brain happy endorphins. This can become highly addictive.

5. Getting Angry

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As humans, naturally, we want to see the good prevail. However, this can become addicting, and it can cause anger. They may believe they are angry with a cause. They feel as though it is coming from a good place, and that feeling of altruism can become addictive.

6. Receiving Validation

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People thrive off validation. The rush of endorphins makes them feel good. They chase the feeling and seek confirmation, sometimes even seeking it out in a negative way.

7. Running on Stress

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After a while, the body – when stressed for an extended period of time – can survive on stress. People find it hard not to be worried because they don’t know what it’s like not to be. They seek it out because it’s the only way they know to survive.

8. Sugar Cravings

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Sugar addiction is one of the most common addictions out there. Many people crave it constantly; their body feels as if it needs it to survive. Our society doesn’t help. Almost everything in the supermarket is pumped full of sugar.

9. Daydreaming

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Believe it or not, some people crave daydreaming. It is a way to escape reality and live where they can choose what happens—causing a habit of chasing that escape.

10. Self-Sabotaging

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Some people can’t stand to see themselves happy or successful. They get too afraid of the fear of failure, causing them to self-sabotage and ruin their own success. Eventually, it becomes a continuous pattern of hurting themselves.

11. Constant Complaining

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When the brain starts to create a pathway, it continues to follow that pathway until a new one is made. When someone constantly complains, their brain focuses on finding the negative all around them. It seeks it out, causing an addictive thinking pattern that can be difficult to break.

12. Self Medication

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One of the more apparent addictions is using substances. Self-medicating to escape discomfort or chase a feeling of euphoria becomes something that needs to happen more often—usually spiraling into a highly unhealthy situation that can result in severe consequences.

13. Playing Games

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Gaming can become addicting because of the constant work to level up or grind for that unique item. Not to mention, many games are pay-to-play, which feeds into the instant gratification the brain loves.

14. Taking a Risk

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Many people fall into the trap of gambling. Feeding the rush of taking risks and possibly gaining a huge reward. However, getting rewarded doesn’t happen often. Causing the habit of doing it just one more time, thinking the outcome will change in their favor.

15. Energy Feeder

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Energy suckers scout for someone who is upbeat and energetic—loving to be around them constantly. This is because they love to feed off that person’s positive energy. It becomes so addicting, the constant need to be surrounded by people with similar personalities, and they can’t be alone.

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