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The difference between the habits from one generation to another is astounding. And as weird as newer things seem to the older generations, the newer generations can’t even fathom what the world was like for their grandparents growing up. Sadly, many of the things Boomers experienced are slipping away. Here are 13 things Boomers experienced that the newer generations will never know.

1. Not Being Reachable

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Not being reachable 24/7. No one should be obligated to reply immediately just because they have constant access to a phone. But many people feel entitles to be able to contact someone any time of day.

2. Being Neighborly

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In the past, neighborhoods used to be close-knit and friendly. People would see their neighbors out and about and give a friendly wave to acknowledge them and say hello. Now, many people keep to themselves and don’t even know the names of those around them.

3. Manners

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Manners are slowly becoming a thing of the past. People no longer say their “please” and “thank you.” Many people can’t even be bothered to take an extra second to hold the door for the person behind them or acknowledge those who do.

4. Singing

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People used to sing for fun. They would join a choir or a school club or even sing while doing chores. No one does it anymore unless they are a musical professional.

5. Wearing Gloves and Big Hats

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Ladies used to wear big hats and gloves for fashion. Not only did it serve as fashion, but it also doubled as sun protection. This style was so classy and timeless but you rarely see it anymore.

6. Socializing in Person

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Socializing now happens online, and most kids are too busy looking at their phones to get to know their classmates or meet new people. Many now prefer to stay home instead of going out and spending time with friends and family.

7. Doing Chores

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Many kids nowadays no longer do household chores. Some parents view chores as a punishment inflicted on children that takes away their youth instead of instilling responsibility and pride in your home.

8. Walking

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People don’t walk anywhere. They have many transportation options, like cars, buses, and electric scooters, and many don’t even consider walking. Walking is a wonderful form of exercise that is too often overlooked.

9. Making Phone Calls

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With cell phones being around for so long now, people no longer call each other. The majority of the communication is being done through text messages or social media. Many younger generations refuse to answer the phone, letting any calls be forwarded straight to voicemail.

10. Dressing up for Work

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It used to be required to dress in business attire for work. Dress codes set the standard for what was appropriate for work environments. Today, even the most casual fashions have become acceptable in professional environments.

11. Cursive Writing

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With all the technology in place, people barely write down anything anymore, let alone use cursive writing. Schools used to teach cursive writing in their curriculums, and sadly, over the years, many schools have completely stopped teaching cursive to students.

12. Voting

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Over the past few decades, voter turnout has been dwindling. Perhaps the younger generation doesn’t care about politics like they used or may not fully grasp the importance of making their voices heard.

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