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As you go through life, you will encounter many things that are known to be dangerous. However, you’ll also be exposed to many things you believe to be safe, yet in reality, can be just as dangerous. Here are 13 everyday things you may not realize can be harmful.

Rushing Water

Woman struggling to swim in ocean
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People have a difficult time estimating how deep water is and whether or not there is a current. Once you lose your footing, it can be difficult for even the strongest swimmers to find their footing.


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Depending on your surroundings, walking while distracted can be just as dangerous as driving when distracted. Crossing the street and walking up or down stairs while using your phone or not paying attention can lead to injury.


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Like other addictions, gambling is a slippery slope. It is shockingly easy to get caught up in the thrill of winning. In recent years, gambling has become even more accessible with online casinos and apps. What may start as a fun hobby or way to pass the time may quickly take a dangerous turn before you even realize what is happening.

Drinking Alcohol

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While many people are able to drink socially, for others, that’s not an option. Alcohol addiction can easily creep in and take over your life.


Deployed airbags in a car
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Many people have a fear of flying, yet many more people are injured or killed each day from driving in cars. Most of us are able to overlook this danger as we are so dependent on cars in our day-to-day lives.

Over-the-Counter Medication

Over the counter medication sitting on a pharmacy counter
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Medications like Tylenol are used so much for common reasons that people forget these are still dangerous medications if not taken carefully or used outside of their intended purposes.


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With food so easily accessible and so many unhealthy options being cheaper than healthy, it isn’t surprising that overeating (especially junk food) isn’t safe. Many overconsume at each meal and suffer the health consequences for doing so.

Using Tanning Beds

Man laying in tanning bed with goggle on eyes
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Many people love to go tanning and get a golden glow. While it may seem harmless and make you feel more confident, you’re definitely putting yourself at risk for melanoma and other related skin issues in the future.

Personal Protective Equipment

Medical professionals in an operating room
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You’re putting yourself at risk when you don’t take care to use the correct personal protective equipment. While you might not show symptoms right away, they may appear later in life.


Pregnant woman holding her belly
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While in most cases, pregnancy is safe, some people experience difficulties and complications that cause death. When pregnant, your health and the health of your unborn child is the priority. This requires regular prenatal care and strictly following your doctor’s advice.


A bunch of potatoes that are starting to sprout.
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Believe it or not, potatoes can actually become harmful if they start to sprout or have green parts. A toxin can form that can cause high fevers and lead to severe damage to your liver or kidneys if consumed at high levels.

Carnival Rides

Ferris wheel ride at a local carnival.
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These rides are set up and taken down frequently and have a bad reputation for breaking down and causing injuries. Permanent rides at amusement parks can also be risky; however, they are more likely to be properly inspected and maintained.

Hormonal Contraceptives

A woman putting a contraceptive patch on her arm.
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It’s always the responsibility of the patient and their doctor to weigh the benefits and risks when beginning any medication. Contraceptives that contain hormones are no different as they, too, pose serious health risks.

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