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As we age, we experience endless changes – our tastes, our bodies, and the way we approach different situations. Often we notice that our patience wears more quickly, and we are less tolerant of specific things that didn’t bother us once upon a time. Here are some examples people recently shared in an online poll; which ones resonate with you?

1. Refusal To Learn New Things

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“Endlessly frustrating. I am not going to show you again. Write it down. I’m not your mom or babysitter. Don’t come to training empty-handed,” someone expressed.

2. Crummy Jobs

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“I’ve dealt with bad management since I started working at 15. I no longer have the tolerance to put up with bull and will either call them out or just walk out,” one user stated.

3. Stopping in the Middle Lane

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A person describes, “People who are walking in front of you decide to just stop in the middle of the lane to think, infuriating.”

4. Blasting Music

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“People who go to public spaces and blast their music. You are not special enough for the world to have to listen to your music. Just wear headphones. It’s incredibly selfish and rude,” somebody stated.

5. Useless Discussions

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“Useless discussions and fights, each day that passes, I move further away from it and put more dialogue into practice, and if the person insists, I just agree and walk away,” someone shared.

6. Uncomfortable Traveling

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“Traveling in uncomfortable ways. Such as long, cramped bus rides, sharing dorm rooms with strangers, sleeping without AC if I’m in a tropical country, etc,” a person informed.

7. Window Shopping

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Somebody expressed, “Window shopping, browsing clothing stores just for fun. I shop with a mission now – like finding the perfect shoes, buying basic t-shirts, and the perfect handbag while thinking of my budget in the back of my mind.”

8. The World

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“The older I get, the more I realize how evil this world is. I want to trust everyone, but some people just live on a different level of evil,” somebody shared.

9. Not Parenting

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“People who don’t parent their children in public spaces. I work with kids- I know they behave in certain ways. But when parents turn a blind eye – or ear – to their child blatantly being obnoxious just to get attention. It grinds my gears,” somebody confessed.

10. Ignorance

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A user exclaimed, “Ignorance, and people who take pride in it. No, you are not ‘Old School’ because you somehow, in the year 2023, do not know how to send an email attachment from the phone YOU own and pay the monthly bill!”

11. Insecure Women

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“Insecurity in other women. Not taking a compliment, for example. It’s exhausting when you just wanted to say something nice, and now you have to convince them then that they’re not fat/ugly/unlovable, etc,” a person shared.

12. Rudeness

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“People being rude out of nowhere – if when I was younger I thought it was always my fault, now I realize sometimes they just act like jerks and should be called out,” a person exclaimed.

13. Airheads

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“People think being an “airhead” is cute and quirky. The fastest way for me to walk from a potential friendship,” someone informed.

14. Small Talk

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“It’s tough to down here in the south; people are just too friendly. Strangers will just start talking to me about anything. I am not a talker, so I just stand there politely and smile, but I have already tuned them out and planned my exit,” someone shared.

15. Performance Protests

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“If something actually matters to you, don’t change your social media banner or wear something on your shirt. Write a letter to Congress or whoever is in control. Move your body to a protest site or, for god’s sake, vote,” a user informed.

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