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We all have items we absolutely love and buy all the time. Then the inevitable happens, and the item is discontinued. You find a replacement, but it’s just not the same. Or you reminisce back in time to a cool gadget you wish still was around to purchase. According to an online poll, these are the top-voted items that people would love to see hit the market again.

1. Cotton Blankets

Pile of blankets on a made bed
Image Credit: New Africa via Shutterstock.

“Woven cotton blankets with satin binding. Everything is microfleece now,” a person expressed.

2. Triangle Windows

Man sitting in blue sedan with arm hanging out the window
Image Credit: Jimmy Rooney via Shutterstock.

Someone reminisced, “The little, triangular windows in cars – when you want a fresh air blast!”

3. The Original Recipes

Rack of Hostess snacks in store
Image Credit: The Image Party via Shutterstock.

“Original recipe Hostess treats, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes – they used to be trashy good, now they’re awful. Add in Little Debbie’s stuff, too, the same thing,” somebody divulged.

4. I Want My MTV

Image of MTV in a tube television
Image Credit: AnavrinN via Shutterstock.

“Back when they actually played music videos. Oh, Martha Quinn & the rest of the original MTV VJs,” someone shared.

5. Glass Packaging

Spaghetti sauce aisle in grocery store
Image Credit: Peter Leee via Shutterstock.

“I won’t buy spaghetti sauce in plastic containers. It’s bitter. I do wonder what we’re ingesting with all the plastics in use today. I still have glass peanut butter jars I use for leftovers. They impart no taste,” a user explained.

6. Halloween Buckets

McDonald's Happy Meals on a table
Image Credit: Robson90 via Shutterstock.

“I would love for McDonald’s to bring back the plastic trick-or-treat buckets that the Happy Meals used to come in. They even had a Halloween cookie cutter in the lid,” someone mentioned.

7. Manual Transmissions

Gear shift in car
Image Credit: Alexkich via Shutterstock.

A user shared, “They aren’t technically discontinued, although there are not a lot of models that still even offer them as an option in 2023 (in the US market, anyway).”

8. Metal Roller Skates

Old school metal beat up roller skates
Image Credit: Lee Meng Poh via Shutterstock.

“The kind you strap onto your shoes and adjust with a special key. I used to love using those on concrete,” a person said.

9. Large Appliances

Old outdated kitchen and appliances
Image Credit: Neil Podoll via Shutterstock.

“Large appliances that can actually be serviced and repaired for less than the cost of buying new,” someone stated.

11. TV Dinners

Pasta dinner in a foil container and a plaid napkin on a table
Image Credit: Joe Gough via Shutterstock.

“TV dinners that were foil-covered and baked in the oven (not the microwave). A couple of green beans or corn kernels always got into the brownie batter,” someone said.

12. Wearing Hats

Man in a cowboy hat with his feet up on his desk
Image Credit: Elnur via Shutterstock.

“Not just for me but for all adult men. They were wearing hats. I always thought it was so cool, especially going to church on Sundays,” somebody mentioned.

13. Shopping Carts

Man pushing shopping cart in grocery store
Image Credit: 1000 Words via Shutterstock.

“Those shopping carts that were shallow and up high. The entire basket flipped up for storage. The underneath area was big enough for kids to ride,” someone shared.

14. Shower Sprayer

Person holding a detachable shower head with bad water pressure
Image Credit: HenadziPechan via Shutterstock.

“SC Johnson Automatic Shower Sprayer. Saved me hours of scrubbing. Just hit the button and close the door,” one user explained.

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