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Most of us enter life with the intention of forming genuine connections with others and hope for reciprocity. However, there are moments when someone says or does something contrary to social standards, our own values, or even acts malevolently. We stumbled upon a thread in an online forum where people shared instances that instantly led to a loss of respect for others.

1. Betraying Trust

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Someone said, “When you tell a personal thing to a family member and say – don’t tell anyone. But during rages of anger, they use it as a weapon against you in front of everyone.”

2. Bad Behavior

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“Someone I considered to be a good friend, and he needed a job. I gave him a reference and got him hired at the company I worked for. He got fired after one week. Showed up late every day, constantly complained about every task we needed to complete, and had temper tantrums throughout the day. Made me look like an a**hole for giving him a reference, and he never apologized. We haven’t been friends since then, and I’m perfectly fine with that,” someone shared.

3. Infidelity

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Someone shared, “A former friend of mine owned a bar and bragged about banging one of the female regulars on the pool table after hours. While his wife, who had just given birth to their kid, was home waiting for him. And to sweeten the lost respect deal. Just a week or two before that, he fired our other friend, who was single, for sleeping with a Tinder date in the bar’s basement.”

4. Unhealthy Obsession

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“My ex-friend entered a friends-with-benefits relationship with this guy for three years; she couldn’t stand that he didn’t want to be in a serious relationship with her, so she openly admitted to me she would stop taking her birth control to get pregnant with him. She did, and he resents her to this day for it and, from what I hear, still obsesses over him,” a user shared.

5. Being Judgemental

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“Anyone who looks down on someone because their work isn’t as “prestigious” as theirs. Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time,” a user said.

6. Too Controlling

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Someone said, “My father tried to tell me how to live my life, following his life decisions, all of which were monumentally crap.”

7. Ghosting

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A user shared, “When they ghost, I instantly lose respect. Why not tell it to the person’s face that this isn’t working out and you’d like things to end?”

8. Breaking Vows

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Someone said, “My wife of 10 years told me “I want an open marriage. Wedding vows mean nothing. It’s my body, and I will sleep with whoever I want whenever I want.” Lost respect immediately. And our marriage. We are separated and getting a divorce.”

9. Ignorance

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“Yeah, my father saying “you can say anything you want and show me any data information or study you want, I already have my opinion about this, and nothing will ever change it,” someone shared.

10. Treating Animals Badly

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A user said, “So many things, but one of my big things is if a person treats animals badly, my respect goes away that every millisecond.”

11. Making Excuses

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A user said, “When people use their mental health to manipulate you. Or uses their mental health as an excuse as to why they are a horrible person.”

12. Drinking on the Job

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A user shared, “The moment I see someone drink on the job, I lose most of my respect for them. I work in restaurants, and it’s a huge issue that gets mostly swept under the rug.”

13. Spreading Lies

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“A “friend,” told my girlfriend that I was only with her to cope with the loss of my mother. We’re still together. Will never talk to him again,” someone said.

14. Being Racist

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“Former business mentor started referring to one of my Spanish employees by an ethnic slur. Last time I ever went to him for advice and have talked to him only a handful of times since,” someone said.

15. No Ethics

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A user shared, ”A manager of mine that I looked up to and thought was my mentor. Breached professional ethics without a care in the world.”

16. Can’t Control Emotions

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A user said, “When someone can’t control their emotions. There was a girl I thought was cute. She seemed nice until she yelled at me for something that wasn’t even my fault. After that, I’m not attracted to her anymore.”

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