Older couple dining out clinking their wine glasses together

We all have hobbies. Some are unique to our interests; however, when it comes to wealthy individuals, they take the cake. Due to their access to wealth and fortune, they can spend extra money on overly extravagant things or downright weird. Here are some of the dumb hobbies practiced by wealthy people, according to an online poll.

1. Canned Hunts

“We can argue the ethics of hunting all day long. On the one hand, you have the cruel barbarism of fox hunting,” someone said.

2. Car Collections

A user said, “Buying an expensive car and then keeping it in your garage without ever actually driving it.”

3. Exclusive Wine

Older couple dining out clinking their wine glasses together
Image Credit: UfaBizPhoto via Shutterstock.

“Even though I enjoy the taste, collecting ultra-expensive wine and not ever drinking it. Technically it can be an investment, but if they never sell it, then it’s not an investment, in my humble opinion,” someone said.

4. Rolex Collections

“Collecting the same Rolex in different variations. And never wearing any because it’s in a safe,” someone said.

5. Yacht Racing

“12-meter yacht racing. Like standing fully clothed in a cold shower and tearing up hundred-dollar bills. By the million,” a person said.

6. Breeding Show Dogs

Person walking a dog in a dog show
Image Credit: Canden Scales via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Breeding and showing dogs, especially the tiny ones with the messed up noses and tiny heads where their brains don’t even fit anymore.”

7. Polo

“Polo is another level crazy to me. They use six horses per player per match. At about 50k each, that’s 300k. And that’s not counting training and everything,” someone said.

8. Cave Diving

A user said, “What motivates someone to wedge themselves into tiny spaces that humans don’t fit into? Let alone in water?”

9. Raw Delicacies

“Going to restaurants and ordering expensive raw delicacies that are often HORRID,” someone said.

10. Golfing

Older man golfing on a golf course
Image Credit: Kathy images via Shutterstock

“In a country with homeless people, no housing for the masses, or even a flat, grassy park to relax in, I just can’t understand how golfing is a good sport here,” someone shared.

11. Submarine Excursions

“Diving down to the wreck of the Titanic in an uncertified submersible operated by a sketchy company,” someone commented.

12. Handbags

One person said, “Ridiculously expensive handbags – like tons of them, never use them even once, and then have to have a vault built in your house to keep them in!”

13. Exotic Vacations

Couple sitting on a beach watching the sunset
Image Credit: Song_about_summer via Shutterstock.

“Going on exotic vacations to resorts in remote locations and not learning anything about the culture of the place they’re temporarily colonizing,” a user said.

14. Purchasing Art

“Buying abstract art pieces made by other rich people and ignoring the work of real struggling artists,” someone offered.

15. Space Launch

“Launching themselves into space for a few minutes and spending millions of dollars to do so while actual space exploration and research are languishing,” a person said.

16. Skiing and Snowboarding

Person skiing down a mountain
Image Credit: Lukas Gojda via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Some of the most fun you can legally have if you are able-bodied and have the funds. It gets expensive quickly at a resort and is virtually a useless skill other than for fun.”

17. Animal Trophies

“The collection of dead animals. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against hunting. There are several benefits of hunting, not the least of which is population control,” a person said.

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