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When it comes to relationships, honesty is always the best policy. Sometimes though, people feel the need to keep some things to themselves. Usually, these secrets are harmless, and in most cases, their partner will most likely not mind. An online poll asked users to share some non-serious secrets they’re keeping from their partner. Here are some of the top-voted responses.

1. Chocolate

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“I occasionally buy a small box of chocolates that I keep secret,” someone revealed.

Somebody else replied, “Ah, same. But with chocolate pudding, and I call it ‘Mommy’s secret pudding’ because no one can, but I can find stuff in the fridge.”

2. Secret Document

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“I have a 50+ page Word doc, with 500+ notes, where I’ve kept the dates of funny events and milestones for our kids over the last 10+ years. I’ll let my wife see it eventually,” a person divulged.

3. Sports Stats

Couple watching sports together
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Someone explained, “You know those little blurbs of statistics that play during sports broadcasts? She loves to tell me what they say, so I pretend I didn’t read them.”

4. Car Rants

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Someone expressed, “Whenever I’m annoyed with him (or anyone for that matter), I talk/rant to myself in the car and record it. Then I listen to the recording and go, “Yeah, screw them!”

5. Not Sleeping

Young woman using her phone in bed
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“When I say I need to go to sleep. I don’t always sleep. I like to have a little me time and listen to YouTube videos before I close my eyes and relax. We don’t live together,” somebody shared.

6. Bag Fries

Woman taking fast food out of the bag
Image Credit: DC Studio via Shutterstock.

“My husband gets excited about “bag fries” when we get fast food, so when I pass out the food, I always take a few of my fries and toss them in the bottom of the bag,” a person explained.

7. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Couple playing rock, paper, scissors
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“We use rock, paper, scissors to settle a lot of minor decisions, and I know he will choose rock every time, so I always win. I don’t know why he does it, but it works for me,” someone said.

8. Spoilers

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“Sometimes I look up spoilers for shows we’re watching because I get stressed, but I never let on and always pretend I have no idea what’s coming so I don’t inadvertently spoil anything for him,” someone confessed.

10. Nighttime Treats

Woman looking for a snack at night in the refrigerator
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“I like when he goes to bed before me so I can eat a treat and watch anime alone. Not that it’s relationship ending, but I need time to myself at the end of the day,” a user mentioned.

11. Passing Thoughts

Middle aged couple having a serious conversation
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“Sometimes I’m quiet because I really don’t have much to say. He likes to hear my every passing thought, which is nice, but sometimes speaking those thoughts out loud and discussing them is just too much work, and I’d rather just be quiet,” a person divulged.

12. Not a Cat

Man kissing orange cat
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“The only lie I have ever told my husband; We were on a night drive and spotted a grey animal that had been struck by a car. My husband asked me if it was a cat, and I told him it was a raccoon. He loves cats and was super upset, so I lied,” someone confessed.

13. Eat in the Car

Woman eating a burger in her car
Image Credit: RossHelen via Shutterstock.

“Occasionally, when I’m driving to his house, I stop for fast food and eat it in my car in the parking lot. I don’t let him know that I stopped and don’t bring him anything,” a person exclaimed.

14. Irritating Music

Woman covering her ears and making an annoyed face
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“I can’t stand his favorite band. I think the music is so irritating, repetitive, unoriginal, and just awful. He loves them and finds the music really positive and uplifting, so I’ll never tell him because I don’t want to spoil it for him,” someone said.

15. Bad Day

Man looking happy talking on the phone
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A user shared, “When he’s having a really bad day, I’ll reach out to his mom and say that he misses her. She will usually call him that day or the next, but it always makes him feel a lot better. He thinks she has a special sense and knows when to call him when he’s feeling bad.”

16. Hiding Toothpaste

Woman in a towel putting toothpaste on a toothbrush
Image Credit: Fizkes via Shutterstock.

“I hide my toothpaste because he squeezes it out like a heathen and leaves it open and goopy, and I hate brushing my teeth with half-dried-up toothpaste from a tube that looks like it was in a car crash,” someone said.

17. Memory Problems

Man and woman laughing at his sense of humor
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“My wife has memory problems, so I like to tell her the same joke/funny stories multiple times to get the laugh. Also, if I don’t stick the landing the first time, I get a do-over,” somebody shared.

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