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Most of the time, people tend to love games. They break them out at parties, play extracurricular sports, or buy video games. It brings a sense of accomplishment and feeds those happy chemicals in your brain. Occasionally, games can be overrated and don’t quite live up to the hype. Or, maybe we just don’t have the skills or enjoy playing them. In a recent online poll, people rate some of the worst games they have ever played.

1. The Quiet Game

A young woman telling her child to be quiet.
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“Looking back, I think there’s a possibility that it was just a way for adults to keep us from making noise,” someone guessed. #obviously

2. Superman 64

Child playing Nintendo video game in the 80s
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“I was unfortunate enough to play Superman 64 when I was younger, and I don’t think I can think of a worse game than that abomination,” a person stated.

3. Big Rigs Over the Road Racing

Young boys playing video games while laying on the floor.
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“I remember this: a friend of mine used to own a CD when I was a kid. It was a terrible game but a fun experience to think back to decades later,” one user reminisced.

4. Gollum

Lord of the Rings set of books on a shelf
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“Crazy that with all the lore in the Lord of the Rings universe they choose to make a game about Gollum of all characters,” someone mentioned.

5. Rise of the Robots

Person playing a game on their Steam Deck
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“It was billed as having a high level of artificial intelligence, which was pretty exciting for the time. It was also supposed to use music from Queen’s Brian May. It was clunky, and we played it for about 5 minutes,” somebody said.

6. Lair for PS3

Teenage boys playing video games
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Someone stated, “They tried to fly dragons purely with the motion controls in the PS3 controller, and that was just the start of it.”

7. Hockey

Hockey players on the ice playing a game
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“Exhibition hockey game in late spring in Wenatchee, Washington. It was 75°-80° on an outdoor rink, which had basically become a giant puddle. We could barely skate, and we were all absolutely soaked. It was miserable,” someone remembered.

8. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

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“It’s like if Mario Party was played with competitive smash rules: no event spaces and no minigames. Like competitive smash, it’s dull and repetitive and could work as a sleep aid with how boring it is,” a person shared.

9. Cricket

Man playing cricket
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“Cricket was an absolute gift for a kid who had no interest in sports at a school where participation was mandatory,” someone said sarcastically.

10. League of Legends

Hand holding a phone with League of Legends on it and showing in the background
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“League of Legends, the first game I played, someone thought I was a Smurf, and someone trashed-talked me; pretty toxic game, honestly,” somebody exclaimed.

11. No Man’s Sky

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“No Man’s Sky” was the most boring few hours I’ve ever wasted on a game in any genre. I think the constant attrition to the elements that I found profoundly tedious. I can handle it in most survival games, but this was maddening,” someone shared.

12. Hogwarts Legacy

Teenage girl playing video games
Image Credit: Anton27 via Shutterstock.

“I’m going to get a lot of hate for saying this, but I really disliked Hogwarts Legacy. I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and I played Hogwarts Legacy a decent amount, and all I can say is that it is a horrible game,” a person explained.

13. Baseball

Pitcher throwing a pitch in a baseball game
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“Baseball practice while a part of Boy Scouts, with severe IBS and no good washroom nearby. Not super fun,” somebody said.

14. Netball

Young boys playing soccer
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“I cannot express how much I hate netball and lacrosse. And every other game we were forced to play in school,” a person mentioned.

15. Genshin Impact

Man shopping for video games
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“The combat is lifeless, the NPCs are more interesting than the actual story, and they have dementia; I can’t even get the only character I’m kind of interested in; the list goes on,” somebody stated.

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