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As children, we’re filled with the idea that when we get older, the goal is to get a good job, find someone we love, get married, and start a family. As time passes and our culture shifts, this idea is also slowly changing. Many couples who have been together for a while are beginning to lose interest in getting married for many reasons. Here are 13 reasons couples have decided against walking down the aisle.

1. The Relationship Has Lost it’s Romance

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In America, weddings seem to have lost the romantic factor. Instead, it seems to have morphed into more of a legal contract to protect financial assets or to make medical decisions when their partner is on their deathbed.

2. They Didn’t Have Healthy Role Models

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Growing up, many people don’t have healthy relationship models. They have grown up watching people live through one failed marriage after another. They’ve witnessed so much pain that they don’t want to put themselves through the same situation.

3. Divorce Can Be Financially Beneficial

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Some people are on disability and Medicare, and if they do get married, it can affect their coverage. In some instances, it can even be recommended by some that married couples get divorced, as it may be more beneficial, financially speaking.

4. The Benefits Have Diminished

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For the longest time, marriage did have benefits when it came to legal decisions with your partner. Still, now you can assign beneficiaries, emergency contacts, survivorship, etc., and many common-law couples get the same rights as married couples.

5. It’s Just a Big Show

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Weddings have now become substantial big productions that have lost the day’s true meaning, and some couples simply can’t afford to pay for a wedding, so they opt out altogether.

6. Their Goals Have Shifted

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Times have changed, and the goals of life have changed with it. For many, getting married is no longer their main goal in life. It’s become harder to live life in general, and some people don’t feel that “a piece of paper” will make a difference in their relationship.

7. Divorce Can Be Expensive

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Let’s face it: divorce can be expensive. You must pay for high-paid attorneys, which, in many cases, tend to make things even messier. If you aren’t married, you simply decide you no longer want to be with your partner, and you’re free to move on with your life.

8. They’re Not Ready

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When it comes down to it, one person might be ready for marriage while the other isn’t. If the partners are truly in love and willing to sacrifice for the other they may decided to live in a committed relationship without getting married.

9. Society Has Evolved

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As time has gone on, our culture has changed. Our societal views towards relationships have become more progressive over the years, which is reflected in the idea of marriage.

10. The Feeling of Independence

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Some people like the feeling of independence. Not being married means never having to give that up. When you are married to someone, it can sometimes feel like you are not your own person.

11. Weddings are Expensive

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Not only are you paying for the wedding day, but traditionally, many events leading up to the big day also cost a lot of money—buying an engagement ring, wedding rings, outfits, gatherings, and parties. Weddings have become a money-making scheme for big corporations.

12. The Religious History

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With the culture change comes a change in religion. Marriage has a lot of religious ties that simply don’t resonate with a lot of people anymore.

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