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Everywhere around the world, there are misconceptions about the people, how they live their lives, and how they earn their livings. One area of the United States that seems to experience a fair amount of misconceptions is the South. Here are 13 common misconceptions you may have heard about the South.

1. The Racial Diversity

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Many people don’t understand how racially diverse the South is. People believe that the cities in Texas are filled with middle-aged white people, which is very far from the truth.

2. Everyone is Overweight

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For some reason, when someone pictures someone from the South, they often assume that residents of the South are all overweight. They are constantly cooking up rich, unhealthy meals every day.

3. They are Not Intelligent

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Another misconception is that people from the South are of lower intelligence. There seems to be a mistaken correlation between the thickness of someone’s Southern accent and their level of intelligence.

4. Not Welcoming

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Some people believe that people in the South aren’t very welcoming, which couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, the term ‘Southern Hospitality’ emphatically states otherwise.

5. Love to Gossip

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Something that is said often about Southerners is that they love to gossip. Give them a chance, and they will take the opportunity to talk about you behind your back. This habit is more about the specific person and not a specific region of people.

6. Bless Your Heart

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It is often said that when someone from the South says, “Bless your heart,” it is meant to insult you. However, most of the time, that’s not the intention; instead, it’s meant to be a term of endearment.

7. Trailer Parks to Plantations

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When it comes to people’s living situations in the South, many people assume that there are only two types of people—those who live in a trailer park or those who live on a plantation. Obviously, this is not accurate as there are people of all social and income classes living in the South.

8. Sweet Tea is Water

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People think that people from the South drink sweet tea like water. While sweet tea is wildly popular in the South, it’s personal preference, of course.

9. It’s All in the Ancestors

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When it comes to family history, there is a misconception that anyone who has had a long family history of residing in the South that their ancestors were plantation owners or were involved with the unsavory past of the South.

10. Bible Thumpers

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Another strong stereotype about the South is that everyone is a devoted Christian and a “Bible thumper.” There are many religions practiced, and is very diverse.

11. It’s All Rural

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People think that the entire South is rural. Everyone that lives there is country folk or cowboys. Many Southern cities are just as relevant and busy as other areas of the country.

12. Ride a Horse

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Another common misconception is that the primary mode of transportation is by horse. Sure, some still like to ride horses, but the South has the same modes of transportation available anywhere else.

13. There is No Snow

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People seem to think that it can’t snow in the South or that people there have never seen or experienced snow before. And while typically, there aren’t huge snow storms in the South, it does snow occasionally, and it isn’t warm all the time.

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