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We all have that one thing we purchased that brings us joy every time we think about it. It may be a physical item, an experience, something you splurged on, or bought out of necessity. Recently someone asked online, “What is the best thing you’ve purchased all year?” Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Second Monitor

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A user shared, “A second monitor for my laptop. As a college student doing remote classes, it’s truly been a game changer, and I got a great deal on it.”

2. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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Someone said, “A pair of good noise-canceling headphones. They don’t leave my house, but being able to turn off the noise of my family, the neighbor’s party, and the cars going by has eliminated so much stress.”

3. Standing Desk

Woman working at standing desk
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“I got it off Amazon; it’s an L-shaped electric desk. I got the L shape just so my cat has room to lay on my desk without interfering with my work, haha,” someone said.

4. Oversized Sweaters

Young woman wearing an oversized sweater, hat, and glasses
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Someone shared, “I always hit up all the Walmart and Target clearance racks in the spring for comfy sweaters that didn’t sell during the winter. Just got three different ones for $5 each.”

5. Kitchen Aid Mixer

Red Kitchen Aid stand mixer sitting on counter
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“Kitchen Aid. My old one was not working properly, and kneading by hand is a slow and hard process. I make my bread daily, so probably the best buy from last year,” one user answered.

6. Laser Hair Removal

Woman getting laser hair removal on her legs
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“Laser hair removal. I had no idea not shaving my legs or underarms could be so freeing. I don’t even have to think about it anymore,” someone shared.

7. Roomba

Roomba vacuum on the carpet
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“After having three spinal surgeries a few years ago, hoovering has been the worst. This bad boy has helped me more than you’ll ever know,” a user said.

8. Steam Deck

Person playing a game on their Steam Deck
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Someone mentioned, “What a fantastic device it is; as a gamer for 30+ years, the Steam Deck is possibly my favorite purchase ever.”

9. High-Quality Mattress

Couple shopping for a new mattress
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“If you spend 1/3 of your life using something (that has a direct link to mental and physical wellbeing), get the best you can afford. Trust me, your brain and body will thank you!” a user shared.

10. Door Bell Camera

Person ringing a video doorbell on brick house
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Someone shared, “I bought a doorbell camera. I was internally debating whether I had wasted money on it when I realized it caught a clip of my best friend, who passed away last summer, doubled over in laughter and having his pants fall around his ankles while he was trying to catch his breath. Worth every penny.”

11. A Cruise

Aerial shot of cruise ship in the ocean
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“Technically, I made the purchase last year, but the trip was earlier this year. It was expensive; I had to save up for it for a long time. But I enjoyed every minute of the experience,” someone said.

12. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Blue dutch oven pot on a stovetop
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“I’ve always had cheapish cookware, and it was life-changing as much as I cook (and enjoy cooking). It was a gift from my husband; I would have struggled to splurge on it for myself!” one user shared.

13. Air Fryer

Food cooking in an air fryer
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A user shared, “It makes everything better! Even my skeptical husband loves my air-fried burgers, fish, etc. And if you don’t even use it to cook, it’s worth it for reheating pizza!”

14. Crocs

Wall of various colored crocs hanging in store display
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“Hated on them forever. Boy, was I wrong! I wear them everywhere now! So incredibly comfy. Got me the tye-dye Crocs,” someone responded.

15. Cirque du Soleil

Performers in the Cirque du Soleil show
Image Credit: Ververidis Vasilis via Shutterstock.

A user said, “My boyfriend’s birthday, so I bought tickets for him and his kids. I have seen it thousands of times, but watching their faces of surprise, wonder, and amazement made my heart so happy.”

16. A Business

Couple standing at door of business with an "open" sign
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“I bought a retiring business and took it over with my partner. Best thing I’ve ever bought, and it’s been almost a year,” a user shared.

17. A Poop Scoop

Pail and pooper scooper sitting on a stone patio
Image Credit: Ozgur Coskun via Shutterstock.

“I spent $87 on a pooper picker. I have three dogs, and I’ve broken countless plastic ones. This one is one-handed, made of all metal, and you pick up the poop by stabbing it. I look forward to this chore now, and it works like a charm,” one person confessed.

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