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In the dating world, not everyone is a winner. As relationships progress, hidden habits and secrets slowly get revealed. Some of these make you run fast, looking for the nearest exit. A poll in a recent online forum asked users to reveal some of their ex’s most embarrassing secrets. Here are some of the top responses.

1. Email Scams

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“One of my exes fell for the Nigerian Prince email spam when we were in college and ended up owing the bank $20,000,” someone revealed.

2. Only Once

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“Every time he would go to the bathroom, he would only wipe once, not look, and call it good. No bidet. Found out after 18 months of dating,” someone said.

3. The Wrong Tube

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A user shared, “My ex-husband went to the bathroom in the dark. He tried using a tube of hemorrhoid cream, but on the bathroom counter was some green crackle Halloween makeup. Apparently, he really slathered it on.”

4. Kicked Out of Boot Camp

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“He used to tell people he was in the military and sometimes used the word veteran. He was kicked out of boot camp for getting drunk while on some sort of duty,” a person confessed.

5. One Pair of Socks

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“He had only one pair of socks and wore them every day without washing them. He worked as a mechanic,” somebody shared.

6. Grows on Trees

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A person said, “My ex was literally so dumb he thought potatoes grew on trees. I suppose this isn’t really a secret because I have now told so many people he said that.”

7. Mama’s Boy

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“My first high school boyfriend was a real “mama’s boy,” and his mother used to tuck him in every night and pick out his outfits even at 16,” someone shared.

8. Dating Apps

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Somebody revealed, “He hops on dating apps before the relationship is even over…and is still on them when the next one begins, too.”

9. Pretend

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“Well, the girl he dated after me didn’t know they were dating. He bragged about their relationship to EVERYONE literally weeks after we officially broke things off just to make me feel bad. Well, I reconnected with her years later, and as it would turn out, she didn’t know she had a boyfriend,” one woman confessed.

10. Dirty Sheets

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“She didn’t change her sheets; legit would sleep on them for like eight months before changing them,” someone shared.

11. Afraid of Relationships

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“Only dated him for two weeks, but he was afraid of relationships—not that people wouldn’t fall in love with him, but that he wouldn’t be able to fall in love with other people,” someone said.

12. He Needed Permission

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“His mom controlled all of his debit/credit cards (no history of him gambling or anything). He once wanted to buy a new kitchen gadget (can’t recall what), but he had to call his mom and wait in the store until she turned up with his cards,” someone shared.

13. Cult Members

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“It’s not a secret, but it’s embarrassing that he and his family are members of a cult,” a person confessed.

14. Living at Home

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Someone said, “My ex, who was a hotshot commercial accountant, drove a fancy car and wore expensive suits, was still living at home and sleeping in his childhood twin bed. Also, his dad still did his laundry.”

15. Crazy Exes

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“He called all his exes crazy. We all know who the really crazy one here is,” a user shared.

Another user replied, “Oh, I know someone like that. All his exes were crazy.”

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