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Going on a first date can be stressful. Not only are you trying to get to know each other, but you’re also going to be spending time together, hopefully doing an activity you will both enjoy. A recent online poll asks users what the most fun or creative date they’ve ever been on?” Here are some of the most popular responses.

1. Buy Weird Gifts

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“My favorite date was definitely to an oddities store where we bought each other something weird. I still have the mortuary tools she got me,” someone said.

Another co-signed this idea adding, “Yasss! We’ve done this before, and it was really fun and goofy.”

2. Fly a Kite

Couple on a date flying a kite
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A user shared, “I took a date out to dinner on a night that I knew was going to be windy. Before dinner, I went and bought two cheap kites for us to fly after we ate. We spent a few hours after the date flying kites while walking around the lakefront.”

3. Feeding Animals

Someone feeding a carrot to a horse
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One user said, “There was a horse retirement farm not too far away. We each had a 5 lb bag of carrots, walked the pens on a cool sunny day, and shared some love with some appreciative equines.”

4. Renaissance Faire

Couple on a date at the renaissance faire
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“I had a first date at the Renaissance Faire. Turns out it’s a great place for that. You can walk and talk; if there is a lull in the conversation, there are a myriad of things to look at and shows to watch. So much food. And if the date isn’t going well, you can find a reason to leave. (Mine went very well.)” one user commented.

5. Choose Your Adventure

Couple singing in the car together
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Someone shared, “My wife and I went on coin-toss dates. We’d go on a drive and flip a coin anytime we had to stop. Based on the coin toss, we’d drive in a random direction. Sometimes it led us to a dead end, but sometimes we discovered a path to an adventure!”

7. Cat Cafe

Cat sitting on a table at a cat cafe
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A user shared, “Current girlfriend lives across the world, and when she is here, she sometimes really misses her cats. I took her to a kitty cafe with lots of cats and fed her cake. It was wholesome to see her so happy.”

8. Watch a Movie in a Park

Couple on a date in the park watching a movie on a laptop
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“Went to a park and had a picnic watching Jurassic Park on a laptop. Gonna do again, but this time it will be a switch and Mario kart because it’s competitive now, lol,” someone said.

9. Go to Ikea

Ikea store
Image Credit: Volodymyr Kyrylyuk via Shutterstock.

Someone said, “Had a date in Ikea once, and it was super fun! We walked around discussing what we liked and what we would have in our homes, then had meatballs for lunch, and I even bought her a teddy bear.”

10. Have a Bob Ross Night

Couple on a date painting pottery
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“Set up the table in front of the living room TV and went to town with tutorials from Bob Ross and some paint. It was pretty fun, still have the painting. Looks like absolute s***, was tons of fun, though,” someone said.

11. Stargazing

Couple on a date stargazing in Joshua Tree
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“It’s a picnic/stargazing date. We packed some bread and peanut butter and took his car to a rural area. We ate in the car and sat on the trunk cover to watch the night sky. He has an awesome telescope, and we’d always try to find the Southern Cross first,” someone shared.

12. Have a Picnic

Couple on a date having a picnic with wine
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One user offered, “My wife and I have dates that consist of picking a new area in our state to visit and have a picnic in or around it.

We’ve been doing it for years. Yeah, it’s nothing crazy, but there’s something peaceful about a nice picnic no matter where we have it.”

13. Book Store Scavenger Hunt

Couple walking through a bookstore
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“My favorite date was a bookstore scavenger hunt. I made a list of prompts. Stuff like “Find a book you loved as a kid,” “Find a book you’ve always wanted to read,” “Find a book you’d never want to read,” “Find a book that’s a guilty pleasure” etc., and we walked around a Barnes & Noble for like three hours talking. We’re married now, and it’s awesome,” someone shared.

14. Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movie sign and palm tree
Image Credit: J.D.S via Shutterstock.

“An ex told me to have a couple of folding chairs ready. She picked me up and took me to the drive-in movie, where we saw a double feature and ate and drank. Great time,” someone shared.

15. Visit the Trampoline Park

Couple on a date at a trampoline part
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One person responded, “We went to a trampoline park and ended up joining a trampoline dodgeball group that got together once a month to play. We didn’t stay together, but we stayed good friends and kept playing dodgeball together. We both agree that was one of the best dates either of us had been on as not only was it a blast, but it was pretty damn different from any other dates we had been on.”

16. Ghost Tour

Ghost tours sign
Image Credit: Sam DCruz via Shutterstock.

“My ex took me on a ghost tour even though she’s terrified of the dark. Meant a lot to me that she thought of something for me instead of something she wanted to do that I got to tag along to,” someone said.

17. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon floating with a beautiful sunset
Image Credit: Lynn Yeh via Shutterstock.

Another user replied, “My GF (now wife) took me on a sunrise hot air balloon ride. Two hours later, when we landed, we had a champagne breakfast on a folding table in the middle of a cow pasture while the crew packed up the balloon. Clever girl.”

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