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We all have weird things that give us the “ick.” Oftentimes, it’s everyday harmless things that we find to be gross or disgusting. People shared the completely normal things that gross them out – here are some of the top answers.

1. Weird Liquid

Small, white dish with sour cream on counter
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“The liquid on top of sour cream. Water that doesn’t drain in the shower. The weird standing liquid, I guess,” someone said.

2. Wet Food

Kitchen sink with food sitting around the drain
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“Touching wet food in the sink,” someone said.

Another person agreed and added, “Emptying out the sink strainer.”

3. Banana Strings

Person peeling a banana on a cutting board and peeling the strings off
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“My four-year-old realized I hate banana strings, so purposefully ate one while looking me in the eye,” someone shared.

4. Sticky Surfaces

White counter with purple stain on it
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“Ugh. When you touch it, your skin is sticky, especially if you can’t get to a sink to wash it off immediately. Then stuff sticks to your skin, and that nasty layer of black lint-like stuff starts to appear on the stickiness,” someone said.

5. Bones

Pile of bones from chicken wings on a plate
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“Not me, but I have friends that are grossed out by bones on fried chicken or wings and will only order boneless chicken anything,” someone said.

6. Communal Microwaves

Dirty microwave with door open
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“The smell of other people’s food heating in a communal microwave,” a person shared.

Someone said, “Same, even if it is a “good” smelling food, it makes me sick.”

7. Coins

Pile of tarnished coins
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A user said, “I hate the smell of coins. And it makes me cringe thinking about how many people have touched them before me – so many germs.”

8. Hair

Woman washing the back of her shoulder with a bar of soap
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“Hair when it’s not attached to someone. My fiancée’s head of hair? Beautiful, and I love to run my fingers through it. Yet having to remove one single of her hairs off the bar of soap? Good God,” someone said.

9. Bandages

Person's hand with bandage on thumb
Image Credit: Naphatsadon via Shutterstock.

“+10 gross points if it’s not on someone and is just out in the wild. +100 points if one is loosely attached to someone oblivious and daring to fall off at any moment,” one user commented.

10. Unexpected Textures

Woman eating a bite of food and looking to be grossed out.
Image Credit: Michal Kowalski via Shutterstock.

“Biting into something that should be delicious (like a dumpling, ravioli, meatball), and there is an unidentifiable differently textured piece,” someone replied.

11. Food on Faces

Young woman eating sandwich with food on her face
Image Credit: nelen via Shutterstock.

“I’m naturally unbothered by table manners, chewing with an open mouth; I don’t care, BUT when someone has mayonnaise stuck in the corner of their mouth,” someone said.

12. Seaweed

Ocean with seaweed
Image Credit: AlexDreamliner via Shutterstock.

“Not the kind that’s pressed into Nori or seaweed salad at Asian restaurants because those are delicious. I’m talking about the nasty brown seaweed in the ocean ruining your beach vacation,” a user said.

13. Other People’s Fridges

Refrigerator with door open
Image Credit: MakeStory Studio via Shutterstock.

“I don’t know how to explain it, but other people’s fridges. I can’t handle it,” someone confessed.

14. Fatty Meat

Butcher cutting a large piece of meat
Image Credit: kan_khampanya via Shutterstock.

“The fatty parts of meat. Especially accidentally chewing on one. It makes me want to vomit,” someone said.

15. Bare Feet on a Dashboard

Person sitting in a car with bare feet stretched out on dashboard
Image Credit: llaszlo via Shutterstock.

“Like when a passenger sticks their dirty filthy stinky sweaty corn-covered feet up on the dash to relax,” someone said.

16. Holes

Rocks with porous holes
Image Credit: melissamn via Shutterstock.

“Things with strange porous holes. My wife laughed one day and told me about this strange phobia people have,” a person said.

17. Moist

Woman with short hair looking completely grossed out
Image Credit: Roman Samborskyi via Shutterstock.

A user said, “Not me personally, but I always find it funny people who get grossed out by the word “moist.

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