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Searching for the perfect gift can be difficult when the recipient already has everything they want and need. Step outside the box with these unique and thoughtful gift ideas guaranteed to be loved by anyone who receives them!

The Perfect Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

This isn’t your typical list of Amazon items. This gift guide is curated to offer creative, unique gift ideas for everyone on your list. Click the link below each item to learn more or make a purchase.

For the Secret Prepper

Some people can never be too prepared. They like to plan for any possible outcome at any moment. These unique gift ideas are perfect for the person who’s got your back in any situation.

1. LifeVac

This may seem funny, but what better gift than the gift of life? A LifeVac is one of the most loving, generous things you can gift to anyone…even yourself.

If you’re unfamiliar, LifeVac is a patented life-saving device proven to be the most effective way to help a child or adult during a choking emergency. It comes with its own case so it’s easy to take on the go for use in any choking emergency in the car, out to eat, or on vacation. LifeVac is made in the USA, has a money-back guarantee, and offers free shipping.

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2. In Case of Emergency Binder

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve probably seen me talk about this In Case of Emergency Binder (ICE, for short.) It’s so stinking important to make sure you get all of your family’s important information organized, documented, and accessible for you – or someone else – to find in the event of an emergency.

God forbid if you or your partner suddenly fell ill, would the other know how to pay the bills? Access your bank accounts? Contact the insurance company? It’s a difficult and unpleasant topic, but it’s SO important.

This digital binder will walk you through the entire process with a template so you can easily add all your information. They offer a digital PDF or a handy USB flash drive so you can easily toss it in your pocket or purse.

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For the Food & Wine Lover

Foodies and wine aficionados love taste-testing new blends and meals, but both can be pricey! Whether they enjoy winding down with a nice glass of wine in the evening or hosting dinner with friends, these ideas would be the perfect gift.

3. Swirl

Swirl gives you 10 premium wines for only $69! This is a good option to ship directly to your wine-loving friend or relative who lives out of town (especially if they already have everything else)!

I plan to order this and ship it to myself since I give my cousins, aunts, and uncles a bottle of wine each Christmas. Ordering from Swirl brings it down to under $7 per bottle. Plus, it saves me an hour walking up and down the aisles at the liquor store.

Best of all…you’ll get free shipping without setting up a subscription!

Choose From Red, White, or Mixed Bundles

4. Home Chef 

Home Chef has the highest rate of customer satisfaction among leading meal kit companies. Choose from 30 weekly new, unique recipes to help you cook flavor-packed, chef-quality meals in your own home.

Receive everything you need to cook, including perfectly portioned fresh ingredients, step-by-step instructions with pictures, and a binder to store your recipes in for easy access.

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For the Streaming Enthusiast

Traditional cable TV and radio continue to become more irrelevant each year. These streaming services make it easy to build your perfect TV lineup, listen to your favorite songs on repeat, and have all the week’s top games at your fingertips.

5. Hulu

I look forward to this Hulu Black Friday Deal every year – sign up and only pay $0.99 per month for an entire year! Don’t tell Hulu, but I cancel my current account each year and sign up again using this deal with a different email address…shhhhhh.

The best part is that once you sign up, they typically offer you the option to add on Disney+ and ESPN for just a few bucks more!

Save 87% for a Full Year

6. Apple Music

When it comes to digital music streaming, I’m a convert! I used to think it was a waste of money, but now that I have two teenagers, I’ve come to see the light! An Apple Music subscription is the perfect gift for your teenage child, grandchild, or whole family.

A paid subscription gives you so many additional features you never knew you needed, but once you have them, you’ll love them! Teens and pre-teens can be SO difficult to buy for. Too old for toys, too young for wine lol. If they already have their own iPhone or iPad, Apple Music will work perfectly for them across all their devices, plus they’ll love listening to their favorite songs ad-free!

Get One Month of FREE Music

7. Sling TV

We ditched our pricey Comcast cable years ago, signed up with Sling TV, and haven’t looked back. We love Sling because you can get all the same channels you get with traditional cable at a fraction of the price!

Choose between the Blue or Orange packages to customize your viewing experience. Stream the live sports, news, and entertainment you love! The best deal in live TV starts at just $20/first month. The best part about Sling is you don’t have to sign a contract. You don’t love it? You leave.

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For the Health-Conscious

Health is wealth. These gift ideas are unique ways for health-conscious people to prioritize their health in new, innovative ways to promote healthy eating, get better sleep, and


Red light stimulates our mitochondria (the powerhouse inside our cells) to increase ATP (cellular energy), increase blood flow, and reduce inflammation.

The LUMEBOX portable red light therapy device has endless benefits, including:

  • Improved healthy skin
  • Reduced joint pain & inflammation
  • Lessen pain
  • Increases cell recovery
  • Better mood & energy

This powerful device provides red and near-infrared light in the comfort of your home, without damaging UV rays. LUMEBOX is definitely an investment, but there is nothing better to invest in than your health or the health of your loved ones.

LUMEBOX also comes with a carrying case, a detachable handle, protective eyewear, and a starter guide.

Get $250 OFF the LUMEBOX Device

9. Eat at Home

Getting dinner on the table each night can be incredibly stressful (and expensive!) Eat at Home provides completely done-for-you weekly meal plans sent straight to your inbox along with a complete grocery list.

Eat at Home caters to all types of dietary needs and sends four complete meals plans to choose from including: Traditional, Whole Food Plant Based, Slow Cooker/Instant Pot, and No Flour, No Sugar. A meal planning service is the perfect gift for any woman who has children in the home!

Stop Stressing Mealtime

10. Contour Swan Pillow

Give the gift of amazing sleep! I’ve been trying everything to get some decent sleep lately. And the more research I do, the more I learn how common it is for people to struggle with sleep and, more importantly, how detrimental a lack of sleep can be to your health.

This ergonomic pillow was created to support the user in ANY sleeping position.

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11. Byte

Did you know that crooked or overcrowded teeth can have a negative impact on oral health? Traditional braces can cost an arm and a leg, but Byte has eliminated the need for high orthodontic bills and constant trips to the office.

Choose from clear plastic aligners you wear all day or all night. Byte straightens teeth using Doctor-directed care and FDA registered technology for fast results and a lifetime guarantee plus, offers a money-bak guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your treatment or results!

Save up to $600 on Aligners

For the Sentimental

Sentimental people often care more about memories and experiences than they care about “stuff.” These gift ideas will give people unique ways to preserve the things that are most important to them.

12. Custom Canvas Picture

Gift your spouse, friend, child, or coworker their favorite snapshot turned into a beautiful ready-to-hang canvas. This is a unique gift idea when you don’t know what to buy someone. Instead of gifting them random home decor from TJ Maxx they’ll feel obligated to display, giv e them their favorite memory to hang on their wall. Just head to the link below and upload the image you want to turn into gorgeous art!

Get a 14×24″ Canvas for $14.99

13. iMemories

This service is perfect for anyone with a closet full of old family photos and videos!

With iMemories, you purchase a safe-ship kit to package and protect your precious memories. You then ship them to iMemories, and they will carefully convert them all to a digital format you can watch and view on all of your devices. Plus, they send all of the original copies back.

This is the perfect gift for someone who has everything and wants nothing. Our memories are priceless, and this is the perfect way to ensure they don’t get outdated.

Digitize Your Photos + Save 50%

Ways To Keep More Money in Your Pocket

14. Rakuten

Rakuten is one of my absolute favorite services! It’s a great tool for anyone who shops online. Rakuten is a cashback service that rewards you when you shop at specific online retailers. Right now, Rakuten is giving $40 to new members once you sign up and spend $25.

Simply click the link, find the store where you want to shop, and you will be taken directly to that retailer’s website. Make your purchase as you typically would, and once it’s processed, Rakuten will deposit cashback into your account.

You will love Rakuten – it will save you so much money anytime you shop!

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15. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Yeah, it may seem weird to buy someone a budgeting app, but Mint has recently announced its impending departure from the world of financial apps, and it’s left a lot of faithful users wondering how they will manage their money moving forward.

YNAB is a premium app that can be used across all devices. It syncs to all your financial accounts, and the average user saves a ton of money by using YNAB – to the tune of $600 in two months and an average of $6,000 in their first year, according to their website.

Save $80 With an Annual Plan

16. Build Wealth With Index Funds

I will never NOT share a sale on this online investing course. It’s one of the BEST purchases I’ve ever made, hands down. This easy-to-digest course will teach anyone – at any investing level – how to build wealth by investing in index funds. It taught me everything I know and will pay for itself over and over and over, and it is an incredibly generous gift to give.

Give the Gift of Investing

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