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Do you ever have a difficult time finding frugal gift ideas for someone who has everything?!  We all know someone like this…you have to buy them a gift but everything you see, they already have.  Then when you do find an amazing gift it’s way out of your budget, can you relate??

I love LOVE giving gifts but I don’t love busting my budget so I’m always seeking interesting frugal gift ideas that let me feel like I’m giving my loved one a really great gift that they will appreciate but knowing I didn’t break the bank to do so.

Never fear…I’m here to help with some awesome – and inexpensive – gift ideas for someone who has everything!

Finding the Perfect Gift for Someone Who Has Everything

One day while lost down the Amazon rabbit hole (don’t act like you don’t know) I found this section with a ton of fun and unique items. 

It made me think what great gifts they would be for someone you have no clue what to buy for, so I decided to put them together in a gift guide for easy reference. 

And the best part is that these frugal gift ideas are all $25 or less.

Are you ready to see the best gifts for the person who has everything?

Be careful…when I was originally creating this list, it was difficult to keep from tossing a few extra items in my cart for myself!

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For the Coffee Lover

This adorable “Oh For Fox Sake” mug is and perfect for your coffee-loving friend with a great sense of humor!  (I actually had to read this twice because I didn’t get it the first time).

Give your friend a chuckle as she drinks her coffee. 

Everyone loves some good clean potty humor….while still being suitable for the office or the children.

Oh For Fox Sake coffee mug

For the Person Who Loves To Travel

We all have that friend with a serious case of wanderlust. 

And while some of them are able to hop on a plane at the drop of a hat, some of us just don’t got it like that?! 

This gift would be perfect for the latter.

This bank will help your friend save up for her next vacay while doubling as cute home or office decor. 

Perhaps if they save up enough you might even get an invite.

For the Wine Lover

We all have a wine lover in our lives, and sometimes it’s hard to buy them a bottle of wine when they are an amateur sommelier and you’re all about the Two-buck Chuck.

Instead of choosing the bottle with the prettiest label or funniest name (guilty) try gifting them this awesome Corksickle wine chiller that can be used over and over in any kind of wine….it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

For the Plant Lover

My love for plants has really gotten out of hand!  I am obsessed and try to fit one in any open space I can find…and my very fav?  Succulents! 

They are so fun and are super easy to keep alive (unless you’re me).

Plant a sweet succulent in this hanging terrarium.  It’s the perfect accent to brighten up your co-worker’s boring cubicle or a dark corner in their home that needs a little pick-me-up.

Your #plantlady friend will love you for it.

For the Amateur Photographer

I don’t think I’ve touched my digital camera in years.

The cameras in smartphones these days are of such great quality that for your everyday person they can adequately capture any memory.

But for your overachieving cellphone photog, they might be looking for a way to up their game without having to lug around a bulky camera bag. 

Enter the cell phone lens kit…the perfect gift for your friend whose camera roll might be seeking a slight upgrade.

These are great because you can just toss it in your bag to keep with you all the time.

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For the Work-O-Holic

Your brother loves work so much that he takes his laptop with him everywhere?! 

BUT he carries a giant briefcase that is often mistaken for a murse (man purse).

Give the guy his pride back this year (just kidding…I love a good murse) with this slim and stylish laptop sleeve.

Soft and durable to protect his hardware while he’s en route to Starbucks.

Or purchase for your best girlfriend so she can toss her computer in her bag on her way out the door.

For the Forgetful

I’m going to have to use my hubby for an example for this gift…this sweet, wonderful, forgetful man must lose his keys, wallet and/or phone at least 4,382 times per day.

He gets more missed calls from me trying to locate his phone than he does from telemarketers?! 

If you have a similar person in your life, then this is your solution. 

This cute little shelf will hold the keys and phone/wallet all in one place for the forgetful person in your life. 

Also, I love how minimalist it is, so it can easily fit in tight spaces.

For the Planner

We all have multiple calendars and planners that we mark all our events in and check off the days. 

This block perpetual calendar is so fun and requires a tad more effort than just crossing off the days, plus you can use it year after year. 

Bonus:  it can also double as a block set in a pinch.

For the Tech Lover

I don’t know about you but I’m addicted (I’m seeking help) to my iPhone so I usually have a charger with me. 

I also consider myself to have sufficient cord management skills but there are other, much more technologically savvy people walking the streets pulling cords out of their bags that resemble my daughter’s ponytail after a soccer tournament in a wind tunnel.

Help a brother (or sister) out and grab this leather cord keeper to help make his tech a bit less knotty and help him stay organized and never get caught with a dead battery…gasp.

For the Music Lover

This gift is for your friend with music in her soul! 

She is constantly singing to herself or listening to podcasts and has at least one earbud in her ear(s) at all times! 

She even uses her headphones to talk on the phone!

This awesome Cableyoyo will pick up all the slack, prevent tangling, and will keep her headphones neat and tidy when she’s not using them.

You suffered through all my corny jokes and run-on descriptions. I hope you found a few gems in this list.

I feel like a lot of stores are starting to carry a decent selection of unique, unisex gifts also (which is great..options are always good), but I just can’t bear to deal with the crowds when Amazon will bring it right to my door (in only two days.)

Hopefully, this gift guide and frugal gift ideas gave you a few options of gifts to buy for someone who has everything and will help ease your pain when it comes to shopping for them.

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