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Breakups are hard. After some time has passed, things seemingly get easier, but there still may be small gestures of love and appreciation that your ex used to do for you that you find yourself missing. A recent internet poll asked people to name some non-romantic things an ex used to do that you now miss. Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. Celebration Dances

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“These dumb and dorky celebration dances anytime she was happy. She gave me peace when I needed it, we both messed up in so many ways, but it was real, and the great memories will always bring a smile to my face,” someone shared.

2. Creative Games

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One user shared, “She’d play this game where we would be having a conversation or something, and she’d hand me something completely random while I was distracted, and a few minutes later she’d ask “why are you holding that?” and I’d have no idea why. Then she’d laugh and say “gotcha again!” The first time she did that was on our first date, so it felt special whenever she did it.”

3. Random Phone Calls

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“Sometimes, I’d get a random phone call in the middle of the day. Then I’d hear her playing the piano and singing on the other end. Good stuff,” someone said.

4. Quoting a Movie

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Someone said, “She knew every single line to The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. We watched every year, and it put her in such a happy place to sing and quote that I felt part of her inner world. I imagined her as a little kid just watching over and over. Very sweet.”

5. Singing in the Shower

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“I had an ex who would sing in the shower, and she was a trained singer with a beautiful voice, so it was a joy to wake up to that,” a user shared.

6. Dorky Voices

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Someone shared, “Whenever she talked to her cats, she’d make this nerdy, dorky kid voice, super nasally, and lispy. It just sounded like she wore glasses and got beat up in school. Funniest and cutest ever.”

7. Cute Nick Names

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“She would call me stupid embarrassing nicknames, lol. She was also very gentle and motherly. I was an ungrateful immature person looking back. You live, and you learn,” one user confessed.

8. Trying New Things

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A user shared, “Even though she wasn’t into card games, she was willing to try them out with me. I would do the same with her and her hobbies I wasn’t into.”

9. Making Lunch for Work

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“Make sure I had my coffee and lunch ready before work and walk me out to my car. Wish me a great day at work and tell me he loved me. I miss that,” someone shared.

10. Learning a New Language

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“Don’t miss her, but she learned my mother language and would say cute things to me with her funny accent, and it was the sweetest thing,” someone shared.

11. Doing Laundry Together

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A user said, “He used to dump all his freshly warm and toasty laundry on me while I was laying down, and he’d sit and fold his stuff while I’m extra cozy under the warmth.”

12. Singing in the Car

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“It was a long time ago, but she would always sing along with me in the car, she had a beautiful voice, and we had one song we always split the lines on. It was that dorky high school love that would’ve never lasted, but I still always think of her fondly for things like that,” someone shared.

13. Read a Book

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One person shared, “She would read to me when I couldn’t sleep, which as a chronic insomniac, is pretty much always. I learned a lot about King John and The Magna Carta. “

14. Sharing the First Bite

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“Whenever we have meals together, she always feeds me the first bite; it doesn’t matter how tasty it looked, she always did that,” a user shared.

15. Booping Each Other

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Someone shared, “We used to say “Imma boop you” then poke each other on the forehead or nose. Also silly things like say “so much of hugs for you” then grabbing each other.”

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