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Sometimes maintaining relationships and making new friends can be difficult. Cause, let’s face it, people suck. After someone asked on a popular online forum, “What’s something people brag about which signals a red flag?” These were the top-voted responses.

1. I Won That Break-Up

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“I recently went through a bout doing this myself. Luckily, I was able to stop it before it became an ordeal. However, no one wins when two people in love have to separate,” someone confessed.

2. I’m Such a Nice Person

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“I am such a nice person. If you have to point it out, it’s probably not true,” said one. “There’s a difference between being a nice person and a good person,” a second person replied. “Of course, as usual, if you have to declare it, it’s not a true principle that applies,” a third person suggested.

3. The Solution is so Simple

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“The people who instantly have a solution for everything. Fat? Eat less. Are you addicted? Quit. So you’re depressed? Smile more. Broke? Get a better job. Oh, you’re tired? Sleep more. There is nuance to the issues of society. Major red flag if you’re in your 20s or older and can’t think critically,” one person commented.

4. All of Their Exes Are Crazy

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“They’re always so proud about it too! One to two crazy exes? Yeah, ok, it happens to everyone. But five-plus crazy exes? Babes, YOU are the common denominator, and I no longer consider you a reliable narrator,” admitted one.

5. Constantly Tricks or Lies to People

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“There’s a guy in my class who enjoys telling people outlandish stories that are straight-up lies — big ones. Like, I had a stroke. The worst part is these are classes we were expected to be open and vulnerable. So how should people open up with someone who constantly lies?” asked one.

6. I’m Just Brutally Honest

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“Being brutally honest or having no filter. It usually signals a severe lack of tact. However, as this was me, I was this guy in my early 20s and have since chilled out,” one person confessed. “People who are brutally honest care more about being brutal than being honest,” a second person replied.

7. Ignoring Their Morals To Make a Buck

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“Bragging about a time they pushed moral boundaries to make a quick buck and how smart they are for what they did. For example: buying out all the generators from six neighboring towns, waiting for the projected hurricane to hit, then upselling them to desperate homeowners to make a profit. That’s just cruel,” suggested one.

8. Proud To Drink and Drive

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“People who boast about how many drinks they can hold and still drive home without a problem,” one stated. “Especially after playing drinking games! It is terrifying how many DUIs people can rack up and be allowed to continue to drive again, in any circumstances,” a second user agreed.

9. Being the Tough Guy or Girl

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“Bragging about how people are scared of them and no one will ever cross them because of how tough they are,” one replied. “Most of the ‘you don’t want to mess with me crowd’ is not as tough as they say,” another stated. “Speak softly and carry a big stick was, after all, coined by one of the toughest men to ever live,” a third user shared.

10. My Hardships Were Harder Than Yours

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“I have a coworker who is like that. She is generally a one-upper and has had a hard life. But you can’t talk about yourself for more than 30 seconds before she has a story about either how awesome she is or how much more challenging than you she’s had it. It’s exhausting,” a final person commented.

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