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As you go through life dating, you slowly start to get a knack for spotting the red flags and the green flags. Sometimes we forget to take a moment to be grateful for all the green flags we find in a relationship. In a recent online poll, here are the top signs you are in a healthy relationship.

1. Conversations

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“Having conversations that lead to change and understanding, not arguments based on ego and pain,” someone shared.

2. Working as a Team

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“Sharing the hardships without blaming one another for them and working as a team to fix the downs in life while putting pettiness aside,” a user informed.

3. Setting Boundaries

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Someone shared, “I recently heard someone say “the only people who would be upset about you setting boundaries are those that benefit from you having none.”

4. Spending Time Apart

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“I just came back from a motorcycle road trip alone, and my partner is having a few days alone in another destination in one week. We really make an effort to go on vacation alone or with our own friends because one thing we both agree is that we enjoy being together because we have healthy time apart,” a person confessed.

5. Wanting Whats Best

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“When you are both with the other person because you want to be and you are a team and truly want the best for each other,” a person mentioned.

6. Not Flaunting it on Social Media

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“Not posting about it all over social media. I always thought the sign of a healthy relationship was no sign of it on Facebook,” a person stated.

7. Quiet Time Together

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A user shared, “Sometimes I just sit next to my husband while he plays his video games, and I prefer that over any sort of “exciting adventure.”

8. Not Talking About Your Significant Other All the Time

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“When someone doesn’t have to talk about their significant other every single time you talk to them,” someone informed.

9. Communication and Respect

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“The main answer is communication and respect, but how that looks to the outside world depends on the people involved,” a person informed.

10. Not in the Mood

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“Being able to tell your partner you are not in the mood, and that’s the end of it. They accept it and immediately move on,” someone said.

11. Sharing Responisblities

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“Getting up at 5 am with two little screaming monsters and spending all day cooking for your kids, entertaining those same kids, housework, arguing with each other, being completely exhausted, getting those same monsters into bed at a reasonable hour,” someone expressed.

12. No Judgements

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“When yall can talk openly about anything without feeling afraid or judged, instead feeling loved and supported,” somebody shared.

13. Not Checking Phones

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“Not feeling the need to check your spouse’s phone. Trust is so crucial to having a healthy relationship. If there’s no trust, feelings of insecurity and problems are bound to happen,” someone said.

14. Happiness

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Someone offered, “When you were both happy by yourselves and not looking for a relationship, but it just kinda happened.”

15. Safety

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“People feel safe to talk about their issues with each other—conversely, a relationship where people don’t feel safe to talk about their issues is not healthy, in my opinion,” someone stated.

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