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Amazon has been around for a few decades now. Its Prime membership advertises great deals, fast two-day shipping, and tons of additional add-ons for its members. Over the years, though, people have noticed a decline in the retail giant’s ability to keep their promises. Some people have gone as far as to cancel their subscriptions—current and previous members took to a popular online forum to share their thoughts on whether there’s life after Amazon Prime.

1. More Like Five Days

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“I didn’t renew mine last year. Since the pandemic, the “two-day shipping” in my area was always more like five. I just go with the minimum free shipping amount now,” a person shared.

2. What’s the Point?

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Someone said, “Yeah, it’s not worth it anymore – the free two-day shipping thing was great, but I’m lucky these days if I receive anything in the time it initially tells me. Also, most of the movies and programming on Prime Video are no longer free, so, like, what’s the point?”

3. Impulse Purchases

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“Cancelled Prime two years ago after they jacked up the price again. As others have noted, their delivery times in less populated areas are at least three or four days. Not having it also helped curb impulse purchases. Win-win,” one user shared.

4. Not Impressed With Prime Day

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“Prime Day sales were not appealing the last time I had Prime. Most of my orders are over $35 anyway. I really would not notice Prime is gone if not for the constant advertisement,” someone divulged.

5. Just as Fast

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“I stopped a couple of years ago after ordering something for my wife using a non-prime account. It delivered just as fast as anything Prime would. Been enjoying fast shipping without the bill ever since,” someone shared.

6. 5% Back With Amazon Card

Man holding Amazon Prime Visa credit card in his hand
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“I renewed mine after I realized I’d get 5% back using my Amazon credit card. I canceled Netflix and just use Amazon for TV, so it’s about the same amount of money, and I get my orders pretty fast,” a person said.

7. Pretty Much the Only Reason

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“I’ve kept my membership for the Amazon Prime video. I do order from there,” someone said.

Another person replied, “This is precisely why I keep my membership—pretty much the only reason.”

8. Too Many Counterfeit Products

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“We did not renew ours this year. So much counterfeit stuff on it I rarely use it. Plus, I don’t like their business practices,” a person confessed.

9. Free Trial

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“I get a free trial, order everything I need, then cancel before 30 days is up. A couple of months later, I used the same account to get a free trial, ordered everything I needed, then canceled before 30 days was up,” a person shared.

10. Get a Discounted Membership

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A user mentioned, “For your information if you qualify for food assistance or Medicaid (or people in your household do), you can get prime for like $6/month.”

11. It’s Worth it

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“I don’t really do any shopping elsewhere besides grocery stores and occasional thrifting and don’t have my car, and I’m lazy, so it’s worth it for me to get cat food and random stuff like phone cases,” someone informed.

12. Same-Day Shipping

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“I was going to cancel until I moved near a distribution center. The same-day shipping has bailed me out a few times since we only have one vehicle currently,” a person said.

13. Easy Refunds

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Someone shared, “I complain to Amazon every time something is remotely wrong with my order. They generally refund the partial or full amount of the item or add credit to my Prime subscription. I’m already way ahead of the premium this year.”

14. They Have a Pharmacy

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“I canceled yearly and switched to monthly. I use other vendors, but I use their pharmacy, too, and get same-day shipping of meds because the pharmacy is here,” a person chimed.

15. Less Impulse Purchases

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“We let ours lapse for the first time in 13 years a few months ago. It helped cut down on impulse purchases, and the quality of products on Amazon has gone downhill anyway,” a user shared.

16. Great Value

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“I think it’s a GREAT value. I buy a ton on Amazon since it is easy to buy in bulk and save on shipping costs. Plus, I use prime video in lieu of Netflix. It’s not as good, but good enough and cheap,” someone informed.

17. Must-See Content

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“I haven’t had it for nearly two years now, and I don’t miss it. One or two months out of the year, I do stand-alone “Prime Video” to catch some must-see content,” someone shared.

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