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We all want to save some money, and the best way to do so is to opt for the cheaper version of whatever we decide to spend money on. Whether to protect yourself, your health, or the life of a particular item, in some cases, choosing the more expensive version is the best option. An internet poll asked users to share one thing of which they would never buy the cheaper option. Here are some of the most popular answers…

1. Work Boots

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Someone said, “I spend 50+ hours a week in muddy, uneven terrain and must have dry, comfortable feet.”

2. Desk Chair

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“Got a good ergonomic breathable one. It’s an absolute game-changer. The cheap ones that try to be massive director chairs with all that padding that ends up flattening after a year are not worth it, and as it degrades progressively, you don’t notice until you get a good one,” a person said.

3. Toilet Paper

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A user said, “Oh lordy, cheap toilet paper leaves horrid little lint balls on my crotch and butt. I hate having to use a gas station bathroom and triple-check that there are no toilet paper hitchhikers.”

4. Trash Bags

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Someone shared, “I learned this the hard way recently. I bought cheap bags with more splits than Simone Biles on the beam. Spent more time mopping up bin juice from the floor than I’d like.”

5. Computer Power Supply

Computer power adapter and cord
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Someone said, “If you get a cheapo power supply unit from an unheard-of brand (please do your research if you are new to the world of PC hardware and are building a computer), it could take your whole system with it if the power supply unit fails. And in even worse situations, start an electrical fire.”

6. Mattress

Bed with tufted headboard and plant
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“We dished out on a branded memory foam mattress, and OMG, it’s the best mattress I’ve ever laid on. Not too hard, not too soft or bouncy, just right. I feel like Goldilocks!” a person shared.

7. Plunger

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A user said, “It’s the difference between $8 and $12-15 dollars. Used a cheap one once, which was not a great experience.”

8. Tattoos

Someone giving someone a tattoo
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One user offered some sage advice, saying, “Research your tattoo artist thoroughly, ensure they understand exactly what you want tattooed, pay a good price to get good work and tip well (if you can). Tattoos can already be a potential source of regret, but a bad tattoo is guaranteed regret.”

9. Tires

Man carrying tire in a tire shop
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Somebody said, “Name brand tires are only marginally more expensive than the budget option, but you’ll get your money’s worth several times over from superior wear resistance, grip, and peace of mind.”

10. Bras

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“I didn’t realize the importance until I worked for Rigby & Peller out of England. I still have their bras from 25 years ago, and they look brand new,” someone commented.

11. Lint Rollers

Person lint rolling fuzz off furniture
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A person said, “That rolling sticky thingy to get lint off. I have two at the moment, an off-brand and the premium stuff. The off-brand has been driving me crazy all day. I would rather have cat hair everywhere than deal with it.”

12. Backpack

Yellow backpack sitting on the ground with a notebook sticking out of it
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Another user shared, “I’m an adult, and I carry a backpack with me all the time. One that is comfortable and durable is a must.”

13. Pots and Pans

Kitchen with pans hanging on wall
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“After I got the first seasoning done on my cast iron pan, I knew I would never rebuy another Teflon pan. Cast iron is better than non-stick, and it lasts a lifetime. And it’s so much cheaper than a high-end “non-stick” pan,” someone said.

14. Cotton Swabs

Glass jar filled with cotton swabs on bathroom counter
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Someone said, “The name brand is way more fluffier and easier on your ears. The knock-off brand just feels like sticks.”

15. Hot Dogs

Hot dogs with fries and condiments
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Someone shared, “The difference between bargain hotdogs and premium hotdogs is like the difference between dog crap and ice cream.”

16. Bike Helmet

Mature couple bike riding with helmets on
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Someone said, “I have had a bike helmet save my head twice. Once when I did something stupid and sent myself over the bars, and once when I got hit by a car. Both times the helmet got replaced, even though one was barely a week old. The helmet had done its job.”

17. Home Improvements

Man installing a shower head
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“I know everyone has an uncle who’s a jack-of-all-trades, but don’t be the cheapest bid and be insured and licensed if needed,” a user said.

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