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Most people fall into one of two categories when it comes to money: spenders and savers. But, sometimes, even the most frugal people splurge on things that are important to them. Recently, people took to an online forum to share some of the expensive things they won’t stop spending on; here are some of the most popular answers.

1. A Short Commute

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“My apartment has changed from a 3-hour-a-day commute to a 10-minute walk each way. I save three hours of my day. Now I use that time to go to the gym, cook, clean, relax, etc.,” a person shared.

2. Maple Syrup

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“Real maple syrup – there’s nothing that compares,” a person exclaimed.

“If you can find grade B maple syrup, it tastes better than the “normal” grade A syrup most stores carry,” someone else added.

3. Skin Care

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“Skincare, I don’t spend crazy amounts, but I have the brands I like and don’t obsess over cheaper options. It’s a moment of self-care every day,” someone stated.

4. Movers

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“It removes the stress of moving and makes the process enjoyable and exciting rather than an absolute slog. Kids can “help” with their stuff and enjoy it. You simply direct/put up signs for where stuff goes, and you can start unpacking what you want immediately,” somebody explained.

5. Maid Service

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“We had to start a maid service after my kids were born, and my wife and I couldn’t keep the house up without bickering when we were both working full time. It’s cheaper than marriage counseling,” a person exclaimed.

6. Quality Coffee Beans

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“Good ground coffee beans. I could get the cheap can of Folgers or whatever, but I like the better stuff. I brew it at home, so I still spend less than I’d spend going out for coffee,” someone shared.

7. Massages

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“I have chronic pain, so I splurge on massages when possible. I used to have insurance that made them cheap, but now I’m fully out of pocket,” a person explained.

8. Pets

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“We only have one dog now, but at the peak, we had two dogs and two cats. They’re a part of our family and bring so much joy. Our kids also learn to care for animals and receive unconditional love from non-humans,” someone expressed.

9. My Treats

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“I pay someone to mow my lawn, and I buy sushi. Both are necessary in my life. I’m really poor, so these are my treats,” someone shared.

10. Name Brand Peanut Butter

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Someone explained, “Name-brand peanut butter. The store brands are awful; they taste like chemicals mixed with rancid peanuts. Never again!”

11. Espresso Machine

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“I bought myself an espresso maker that steams milk and pours a ready-to-drink latte at the push of a button. I haven’t ordered lattes in years,” someone confessed.

12. Dishwasher

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“I got a dishwasher. I’m autistic, and washing dishes is sensory hell. Having the dishwasher allows me to cook more, saving me money in the long run,” a person explained.

13. Vehicles With Warranties

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“I’ve had enough of trying to save money with fixer-uppers. I buy certified preowned Acuras with warranties. The monthly payment is high, but that’s the way it goes. I’m frugal on everything else—most of the time,” a person mentioned.

14. Good Cheese

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Someone said, “Always have good, aged cheeses in the fridge. I am all about going cheap and/or generic wherever possible, but not cheese. My wife will say, “Do we need this fancy ched…” YES. Yes, we do.”

15. Contact Lenses

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“Way more expensive over the cost of a lifetime…But I hate glasses so much. They hurt my nose, and they are always getting lost and dirty,” someone expressed.

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