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You may experience some consistent cues that you’re job isn’t the right one for you. However, you keep hanging on, hoping things will get better and you’ll grow to love it. Until one day, you wake up and feel a pit in your stomach when you realize it’s a work day or your boss announces that the company is cutting back, which means no raise for you. Recently, people took to an online forum to share the signs that told them it was time to find a new job. Here are some of the most popular answers.

1. The Good Ones Leave

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“When you notice all the good employees are leaving,” someone said.

Someone else agreed and said, “Living through this at the moment. Not fun becoming one of the higher performers in a role due to attrition.”

2. Bounced Check

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“Had a boss pay me half what I should have gotten on a check. I called him, and he said, “Yeah, I’m having financial problems“ Oh yeah, now so am I,” a user said.

3. The Dread

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A person said, “When you have a hard time getting up and ready for the job. When you frequently think about calling out.”

4. Not Aligning

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One user shared, “When it doesn’t align with your personal goals. If you’re young and trying to move up, then I usually go for two years up or out; if I’m not growing within the company, then leave. Otherwise, if it affects your personal life, financial, mental, and work-life balance, then leave; we only live once, and working is the least important part of it.”

5. An Involuntary Sigh

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A user said, “When you leave for the day and get in your car and let out a huge involuntary sigh and think how that moment is the longest possible time until you have to go back and do it again.”

6. Crying

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A person said, “When you go to bed crying and wake up sick due to stress. When that becomes a regular occurrence.”

7. The Signs

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A person said, “When less and less work is being assigned to you. Or when your boss is sounding irritated every time they speak to you.”

8. No Growth

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A user shared, “When you look around the company and realize there is no one there you want to work for/look up to.”

9. Red Flags

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“Double standards, not up to code, nepotism, don’t make ends meet when you’re gut tells you something is off,” someone said.

10. Conflict of Interest

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Someone said, “When scheduling starts to conflict with your own personal life, you should not have to give up your soul for a job.”

11. No Promotions

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“If they’re promoting people who have been working for less time and have less experience. If that’s the case, they aren’t considering you for a promotion,” someone said.

12. Lack of Challenge

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“Me, it was when I easily reached the position of supervisor. There was no challenge and nothing to work for, really. Braindead repetitive job,” one person responded.

13. Lack of Compensation

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“More and more work that is no longer worth the pay. Usually happens to me every three years exactly, for some reason,” a person said.

14. Business Venture

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“I’m 48 now. Have drifted through life, to be honest. Finally got my crap together last year and have a product about to come to market that will make me very wealthy. Shame it’s taken this long to find my calling,” one person confessed.

15. Lose the Spark

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A person shared, “When the sparks in your eyes disappear. A job can be quite literally one thing you’ll be doing until you die, so you might as well make it something you look forward to.”

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